Why Your Gaming Site Should Host its Videos Somewhere Else

Most gaming sites put a lot of heavy focus on the videos that they post, which is completely understandable since video gaming even has the word video in it. Videos are a huge driving force behind a lot of gaming sites and are really important to anyone who is checking out a new site that they are considering frequenting regularly. That is why it is important to have videos on your gaming site, even if they are just game trailers or little clips of you playing whatever game it is that you are currently reviewing. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily a good idea to host your videos on your site itself. Instead, you should be looking into hosting your videos somewhere else like Youtube. Here are a few reasons why you should be considering this as an option instead of hosting on your site. Less Strain By having your videos linked in from somewhere else, you will be putting a lot less strain on your website server. That means that you will be able to make your website look cooler or be able to make it so that your viewers do not have to deal with a bunch of slow graphics in order to see what else is on your…

Why You Should Use YouTube to Host Your Gaming Blog

Video blogging, or vlogging, is becoming an increasingly popular medium for sharing blog information online. This is especially the case in areas that are more tech savvy, like new gadgets and video games. It allows you to be more personable than text can be when providing your opinion on the latest PS4 release while simultaneously making you look more technologically aware by utilizing the various types of hardware and software necessary to produce a decent quality video. Once you have a system down it can be quicker and easier than regular hosting, and YouTube makes it easy for you. Which is exactly why you should be hosting with them. Free Video Hosting First, and perhaps most importantly, uploading and hosting videos on YouTube is completely free. Your videos must be less than fifteen minutes long, which isn’t a challenge for most blog posts as talking for fifteen minutes is quite a long time, and your content must meet certain restrictions such as not containing any sexually explicit materials, but other than that your content is essentially yours to do with as you will. And YouTube will never charge you a dime for keeping it hosted on your site. Not many hosts can offer you the bandwidth required to stream videos,…

Why You Should Be Writing About New Gaming Releases

Gaming certainly isn’t the hobby it used to be. It’s much more mainstream than it was a decade or two ago, and that means that your gaming blog is likely to have a lot of competition. Most of the time when you’re a new blog competing in a popular niche you want to make sure you cover something that isn’t already being covered by all the popular blogs. It’s hard to understand why you should be covering something that Kotaku already has covered, after all, especially when you don’t have anything near the same number of readers. But believe it or not, video game blogging is one of the few instances in which you’re going to want to go with the flow. If you need additional convincing, here are a couple of key points to drive the fact home. When In Rome The lead blogs are reporting on these titles because they’re worth reporting on, and it could do your blog good to follow suit. After all, these blogs didn’t become popular by writing content that no one’s interested in reading. In fact, following some lead blogs in the industry is a great way to get your blogging career started in the first place. Look at the angles they cover,…

Why Girl Gamers Are Important To Your Traffic Stats

Most men who talk about video games think that “girl gamers” are a subset of people to be laughed at. After all, women have no place playing video games, right? This is a man’s hobby and they should busy themselves with womanly things like knitting or feeding a baby somewhere. You may not hold this viewpoint yourself but there are plenty of men in the gaming community that do. Women and girls are often not accepted due to a lot of misogyny and rambunctious men taking over every space of the gaming world. In the chance that you do think that this is fine and that women shouldn’t be involved in discussions of gaming then the only thing you’re really doing is hurting your web traffic. There’s More Of Them Than You Think When it comes to female gamers and their community size you may not really notice how many of them there actually are. There will always be a larger population of male gamers but that does not make the female subset any less present than the male demographic. Because of this it’s important to note that while they are a minority, female gamers can be very important when it comes to getting your blog or website or any…

Why Gaming Vlogging is On the Way Out

There are hundreds of YouTube channels and vlogs out there dedicated to gaming, critiques, and ‘let’s plays.’ This popular way to share experiences has swept across the Internet, but the fact of the matter is that it won’t hold out for long. This is because there are several flaws in the way that these video blogs work, and the problem comes down to the fact that there are too many of them being produced and that they are going to get boring in just a few years, maybe even less time than that. Looking, at trends on the Internet makes one thing clear; the only thing that has really stood against the test of time is the blog, because the website is yours to maintain and it is easy to reach back through to previous years. You can make your blog unique to you, and that is what will keep your users coming back and boost you into popularity. Too Common The problem with these vloggers is that they are absolutely everywhere. At this point, it’s pretty much impossible to stand out from the giant crowd. If your blog is exclusively on YouTube and only about producing videos you are going to have a very difficult time making yourself different…

Why Dedicated Hosting is the Answer to Your Game Hosting Problem

So you’ve decided you’d like to set up a private server for your and your friends (and maybe their friends, too) to play Team Fortress 2 on. The only problem is that you’ve never done this before and you’re not exactly sure how to go about it. This doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream. In fact, it can be pretty simple to get a private server up and running. Unless you’re well versed in server setup, maintenance, and housing, however, you’re probably going to opt to go through a third party hosting provider to get this done. While web hosting providers simplify the process considerably, there are still some decisions you’re going to have to make. The most important one is going to be what type of hosting you’d like to go with. The most common hosting options are shared, VPS, and dedicated. If you’re looking to set up a gaming server, however, dedicated is most definitely the way to go. No Sharing of Resources When you go with shared hosting, it means that you and other users are sharing a server and therefore sharing all of its resources. Given that a server’s resources are finite, this means that you can run into problems if what you’re…

Why Customer Service and Game Hosting Go Hand in Hand

If you’re a serious PC gamer, you’ve likely played on a player-hosted server before or maybe even thought about building your own. Unless you’re willing or able to foot a pretty hefty bill, however, creating your own server to use for gaming might be something you’ll have to do through third party hosting. While there are both advantages and disadvantages to this, one major perk is that you’ll have access to customer service. If you’re new to the concept and you’re not entirely sure as to why customer service would be such a big deal, it’s important that you take the time to learn all the reasons why. Once you have that knowledge, you can start sifting through third party hosts in order to find one that offers great customer service. It Frees Up Time Look at it this way: if you’re intent on creating a game server for the game of your choice, you’re going to have a lot of responsibilities already. Add to that the burden of maintaining your own server and problem solving whenever issues arise and you’re looking at little to no spare time for yourself. While nobody is saying that setting up game hosting is rocket science, it can be pretty difficult, particularly if you’re…

What’s in a Name: The First Steps to Building Your Gaming Persona

One of the most exciting things about making the decision to start trying to monetize your gaming is getting to build your online persona from the ground up. The doors of the Internet are open wide for you to showcase the best facts of your personality and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Choosing your own name will be a vital part of your persona, and it’s something you’ll want to give a lot of thought to before settling on your choice. After all, this is what your fans will know you by and the name people will use to talk about your channel, blog, or website for years to come. Here are some ways to get started brainstorming. Using Your Own Name An obvious go-to for familiarity is to use a variant of your own name for your online self. This is also a great choice if you already have a following or fan base that you’re trying to carry over who already knows you by your legal name. Depending on how you want to portray yourself to your audience, you could just simply use your first and last name and call it a day. If you want to shake things up, brainstorm and play around with…

What Not to Say on Your Gaming Blog

While running a blog, especially a gaming blog, it’s pretty easy to offend people. While there are going to be people who are offended no matter what, and you will encounter insulting trolls and other difficult people. However, you can avoid buzz topics and keep your popularity up and avoid offending the people who read your blog. There have been plenty of gamers who have said the wrong thing and gotten totally destroyed because of it. So make sure to watch what you say, or you could end up on the bad end of the Internet, which is not where you want to be. Regarding Yourself It’s best to keep personal information on the down low on the Internet. This just keeps you safe from trolls who are armed with personal slights and potential stalkers. While trolls are minor annoyances, you might get your identity stolen if you are too open about where you live and other important information about your life. So limit telling people where you live, and never give out your full name, just to be safe. Regarding Games When you critique a game, feel free to trash it if you didn’t like it. However, it is better if you leave the people who liked it out…

Understanding What’s Unnecessary in a Game Hosting Site

When it comes to setting up your own gaming server, there are things you do need and things you don’t need. If you’re new to all of this, however, it can be hard to tell one from the other. If you’re looking to get your money’s worth out of a web hosting provider, you need to be able to tell what features are necessary and what features are just a money grab. So before you begin, you need to have a plan of what exactly you’re using your server for, such as what game(s), how many players, and how often it’ll be used. Once you’ve got that information on hand you should be able to weed out what you need from a provider and what you don’t. Over the Top Security Features Yeah, you should be concerned about the security of your server. Being as it’ll house not only your sensitive, personal information but that of any others who join in order to game there, you need to be aware and on top of protecting said information. However, this doesn’t mean you need to fork over an extra $200 just because the hosting provider says you need to. If you’re signing up for VPS hosting or a dedicated server, you’ll…

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