A Quick Guide to Using Gaming to Fundraise

One of the really great things that gaming can be used for is to raise money for worthy causes. In fact, a large number of Internet gaming celebrities will take time out of their life at least once a year in order to stream themselves gaming in order to raise some money for some charity or another. It is not an uncommon thing to be done and it is certainly a really nice thing for people to do. It is always great when someone can spend some time raising money for a cause that will help out a bunch of other people. So, if you find yourself considering using your gaming as a way to help raise money for someone or something, then you might need a few ideas for how you can do just that. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Speed Plays

"Speed plays - The best and the fastest way to raise money for charity"

“Speed plays – The best and the fastest way to raise money for charity”

Playing through a game at a high speed is a well-received way to earn money. Speed Gamers do this on a regular basis and it earns them a good deal of money that they then donate. All you need to do is make it through a video game at a high speed, all while people watch you do so live. The fact that it is live is what really makes speed plays so interesting for anyone who watches them, because you can not edit the footage to make it look like you went through the game faster than you actually did. If you can pull something like that off, then speed playing might just be the thing that you should do in order to run a gaming fundraiser.

Live Streaming

Of course, no matter what you decide to do you should always be streaming yourself gaming live. You should be able to record what you are doing in the game and what you are doing in real life at the same time, so be sure to have a camera that you can set up to record yourself with as well. For something like this, you are going to want to have some friends with you as well so you can keep conversation going regularly and remain entertaining for your viewers. Never forget to remind people what it is you are doing the live stream for and they will be sure to toss in a few dollars if they feel they can afford it. Otherwise, they will likely refer their friends to your stream so you can have more viewers to potentially donate.

Keep it Going

"Make sure you keep the games going for as long as you possibly can"

“Make sure you keep the games going for as long as you possibly can”

Probably the best thing that you can do when you are running a donation stream is to keep going. Offer rewards to your viewers if they can raise enough money in enough time. Simple things like sending them a signed thank you card or eating a whole package of crackers in ten minutes. All you need to do is give them incentive to keep watching and they will do so. Which is why you need to go through the night with your stream if you can. The longer you can keep the games going, the more money you will make for your chosen charity.

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