Choosing the Best Hosting Type Based on Your Gaming Needs

There are a ton of games out there that are amazing to play with other people, and for that reason there exist a lot of gaming servers set up by gamers just like you. While some of the more hardcore gamers have chosen to create, operate, and house their own servers within their home, others make the decision to go through a third party gaming host. Going with a hosting provider can make things a lot easier, particularly if you’re not entirely familiar with servers and how they operate. However, if you’re signing up with a hosting provider, you’re likely going to have to choose from different types of hosting. This isn’t necessarily an easy decision to make as it will depend a lot on what you’re hoping to do with your server. If you’re educated on the different types of hosting, however, the decision should be easier to make.

Shared Hosting

"Go for shared hosting"

“Go for shared hosting”

While shared hosting is often the most affordable option out there, it’s also got a serious downside, especially in regards to game hosting. If you opt for a shared server, it means you’re actually sharing one server with a number of different people. This means that while the costs of operating the server are split evenly amongst all the users, so too are the server’s resources. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to use a server for gaming, a lot of those resources are going to be required. It may be impossible to actually use shared hosting for gaming purposes, so it’s crucial you understand that when faced with that particular choice.

VPS Hosting

"VPS hosting can be a good thing for game hosting"

“VPS hosting can be a good thing for game hosting”

VPS (virtual private server) hosting provides you with what is essentially a virtual server. Basically, there will be several virtual servers running on one physical server. These virtual servers will get their own allotted amount of resources (which will be considerably more than what you’d get access to through shared hosting). Using these resources will have no effect on the other virtual servers, as they are basically compartmentalized. An analogy frequently used to describe VPS hosting is that of condos-each virtual server is a space unto itself and is unaffected by the other virtual servers that share the same physical server. However, VPS hosting can be expensive depending on the hosting provider, so unless you’ve budgeted for this it may not be affordable.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, you get an entire physical server to yourself. Because of this you’re going to end up paying quite a bit more than you would with either shared or VPS. However, this also means that you’re going to have access to all server resources without restriction, which makes it a good choice for game hosting. Additionally, you’ll also have a level of customization and control that you wouldn’t have through other hosting options. Dedicated hosting also has more in the way of security features, which is something that’s vital, particularly if you’re planning on using your server for multiplayer games. Dedicated hosting also tends to offer better uptime and stability than other types of hosting options, which is also important when it comes to game hosting.

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