Different Types of Gaming Blogs to Follow

"To get the best gaming tips you should turn to a walkthrough guru for help"

“To get the best gaming tips you should turn to a walkthrough guru for help”

When you’re trying to run your own gaming blog you have a lot on your plate. You have to keep up with all the industry gossip, you have to play the latest and greatest version whenever it comes out, you have to constantly keep your persona fresh, and you also have to check out indie games so that you can offer your audience something a little refreshing and different between blockbuster style big release video games. One way to stay on top of all of this is to follow people who specialize. They’re not going to get the popularity of the guy who does it all, but these four types of blogs should be something you read every chance you get.

The Walk Through Guru

It takes forever to map out a game. You should be looking for people willing to do that and let them handle the in depth work here. Creating your own play through versions of a walk through is a great way to get more content out of every game you play, but if you’re looking for the harder to find tips and tricks you should follow walk through guru for help. Chances are he’s already done this game better than you have the time for.

The Controversial Opinion Spitter

"Keep tabs on these kinds of blogs to add spice in your blog"

“Keep tabs on these kinds of blogs to add spice in your blog”

This is the guy who will say and do anything just to get a reaction. He might actually think this way or he might just be playing devil’s advocate. Either way, he’s the guy who looks dead into the camera and says that women can’t be real gamers, and so on. This isn’t the guy that you want to be; it might be nice to have a rabidly devoted fanbase, but most people also prefer to keep their sanity. Still, you should be keeping tabs on these blogs because a little bit of carefully controlled controversy can really make your blog pop.

The Hot Topic Jumper

One fantastic thing about games is that there’s always going to be the next big thing. Fortunately you don’t have to spend every waking second scouring the Internet for news of this next big thing, because the hot topic jumper is there to do it for you. This blog only focuses on the latest and greatest. They have what’s up and coming, what game company CEO’s are quoted to want, and they only sporadically review actual games. That’s fine for you, because you have an idea of what’s coming down the pipe lined up for your convenience.

The Retro Wizard

This guy is still reviewing games that came out in 2005, and you can’t get enough of it. Some of these games are cheap gems that you can get for a song these days. You don’t have the time to go through the backlog of every video game every made, but this guy apparently does. If he’s willing to put up with it then you shouldn’t stop him. A great review here can prompt you to play (and review for your own blog) only the cream of the crop.

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