Game Types that are Overdone

When looking for a game to host, it might seem like all of them look the same. That’s because, unfortunately, they do. There are certain types of games that have just been done to death, and won’t hold a player’s attention for long at all. Look outside these if you want to create a unique experience.

Flash Games

"Flash games are becoming a thing of the past"

“Flash games are becoming a thing of the past”

Once upon a time, Flash ruled the net. It’s incorporation into YouTube, and availability to creators, means that it was a must-have installation on any computer. Times and technology have changed, though, and since Flash’s incompatibility with iPads means that developers are looking elsewhere. HTML5 has come to replace it for video, but there is no singular answer for games.

Match Three

Bejeweled became a classic. The simple gameplay of switching gems to make three matching ones that disappear is simple but addictive, with a relatively easy learning curve. Candy Crush, for mobile devices was able to put its own spin on it, adding a variety of power ups and special tiles, changing the board size to force players to change their strategies. Both are done really well, but very many people have tried to copy them. The basic game has been done and redone countless times, and Candy Crush has inspired plenty of imitators of its own style. Don’t be one of them.

Card Games

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If a card game has shown up in a casino, you can bet that there are dozens of versions of it available online. Against the computer, against other people. Betting with real money or points. Other popular card games also have established places on the internet, in a variety of ways. Don’t look to anything familiar for a new experience.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay away from cards entirely. Popular game like Hearthstone show that card-based games can still attract a lot of interest. It’s important to remember thought, that if it’s a game that you know about, chances are that lots of other designers know about it as well.

Military FPS

Military shooters are another genre that games have been stereotyped into. Since the popularity of games like as Call of Duty, many a group has tried to provide with a wide, dusty landscape and a variety of games. Unless the game has a unique message or style, chances are it’s been done better elsewhere.

World of Warcraft Clone

Everyone wants to be World of Warcraft. It’s no wonder, seeing as it has reached not only a huge amount of gamers, but also gained the sort of mainstream awareness that has non-gamers all over assuming anything with a staff is WOW. However, everyone has decided that they want to capitalize on this huge success, and copy it with their shiny new MMORPG. This is reference not just to the high fantasy style, but also the structure with guilds, quests, and skill trees.

When picking a game to host, understand that games that looks like WOW might get a boom of interest, but will taper off, especially if they require a paid membership.

and finally…

Games with advertisements of scantily clad women that are have nothing to do with the actual game.

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