How Preparing Yourself for Live Gaming Will Grow Your Audience

"Make sure you share your ideas with your friends"

“Make sure you share your ideas with your friends”

Practice makes perfect, and preparation for anything important will make things go as smoothly as possible and keep you looking like a pro. You study for exams, practice before giving a speech, and plan your destination before hopping in the car to drive anywhere, so why leave your live gaming videos out of the planning process? By planning ahead, practicing your speech, and evaluation your performance before posting videos online, you ensure you provide the best presentation you can for your audience. Here are a few pointers for planning ahead and shaping up your act before letting your videos go live to your audience.

Have a Consistent Image

"Use the same image throughout the profile"

“Use the same image throughout the profile”

To get a massive following, you’ll want to leave an impression on viewers, and it’s going to take more effort than just switching on a camera and rambling. Make sure that you have completely set up and filled out all of your profiles on any social media site you’ve created for your channel and any other sites you’ve signed up on using the name of your online persona. Make sure that you’ve filled out as many fields as possible and that the imagery of yourself and your logo, if you have one, are consistent from profile to profile. Try to use the same image, either a head shot, artwork of yourself, or your logo, as your profile picture across the board. You goal is to be recognizable as possible to your fans and new audience members looking to add you on any site.

Peer Reviews

Before publishing or posting any “major” piece of work (a video, a blog post, a big announcement) it can be very helpful to get some peer reviews first. One of the most important things you can have is a dedicated friend or friend group that will regularly watch your videos and read over your work to point out flaws and areas that need improvement. Hearing these suggestions from your friends will give you a chance to improve on your work and make it the best it can be for your audience, and help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that can be easy to miss when you edit your own work.

Have Some Dignity

To leave a good impression on not only your regular audience, but potential marketers who will seek you out if you have a large enough following, it’s going to take some extra effort to prepare for your day. Rolling out of bed and plopping down in front of your screen with a stale bag of yesterday’s Doritos is fine on your own time, but not on a day you plan on filming yourself. You don’t have to dress up, but at least make sure your shirt is clean and your hair is somewhat tamed. Do not, absolutely ever, eat while you’re filming a Let’s Play or chew into your mic. It’s gross and not what your audience came to listen to. Keep up a professional appearance and save bedhead and early morning Code Red for your days away from the camera. You’ll be thankful for your willpower when the marketers come knocking.

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