How to Be Successful as a Game Critic

It’s important to know how to run a good critique if you are going to blog about gaming. It is a pretty much a fact that there will be games that you won’t like, and even if you like a game, there is no harm with discussing what could be improved. There are a few things that are really important to keep in mind when you critique a game, and most of them involve stating your opinion without alienating your readers or viewers. Here are a few things to watch out for as you move into critiquing the games that you play.

Talk About the Flaws

"Don't be afraid to point out the flaws"

“Don’t be afraid to point out the flaws”

You are a critic, and it’s your job to point out those flaws. You should take anything that you see that is wrong with the game and mention it in a review. If the graphics were shoddy in some places then tell people about it, even if everything else was great about the game. Go through a checklist to see what could be improved in the game, because there is always room for improvement. Plot, graphics, gameplay, social connection, and any features of the game are all categories that should be covered in a good critique. Don’t forget anything, and always be thorough in your writing. Your readers will appreciate it.

Mention the Merits

It’s also important to share what you liked about the game you are playing. If you liked the game at all, it can be really helpful to let people who are reading your reviews know that you did like some things about it. Critics who only share negative things are usually looked down on as people who just enjoy trashing games. If you share things that you found positive, you will have a reputation for having a well-rounded perspective. It will also soften a review if you really thrash a game.

Leave Humans Out of It

"Talk about the game's flaw, not about the people"

“Talk about the game’s flaw, not about the people”

Just don’t insult people who like the game that you are critiquing. If you call an entire group of people who like a game ‘idiots’, you are putting yourself on the fast track to being one of ‘those jerks’ that people talk about on the Internet. You are there to talk about the flaws in games, not the shortcomings of those who play said game. So don’t mention the humans who like the game, or play the game. Stick to talking about what you thought could have been better and you won’t step on as many toes.

Remember that it’s Opinion

Above all, keep it in mind that there will be people who don’t share your opinion, and because people are immature and hidden behind the Internet, they will probably be pretty rude. However, your word is not law, and the purpose of a critique blog is to convey what you think. If you can respond to silly insults that you receive in a mature and reasonable way, you will not only discourage other messages like it you will earn respect from those of your users who are actually reasonable, and you will become a very successful critic.

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