How to Choose Which Consoles to Use for the Games on Your Site

"Pay attention to the people who are following your site"

“Pay attention to the people who are following your site”

When you are running a gaming website, you might find yourself faced with the problem of which gaming consoles you should be using to record and display your gaming. There are some really great games on all of the consoles and it can be difficult to choose which one you should be using most often. Of course, it can all depend on the sorts of games you are planning on playing and what it is that you want to give to your viewers. But when you find yourself with that difficult decision of which console you should be using for your next bout of gaming, here is a little bit of advice to help you figure out which console you should be using.


Of course, if there are exclusive games on certain consoles and that is the game that you want to be playing then it really is a no-brainer to choose which console you should be using. What you need to consider is whether or not you want to focus on the exclusives for just that one console or if you want to put forth the money to get another console as well and be able to play the exclusive content there too. It can be a difficult decision, but it is something that is entirely up to you. If you feel like just having the exclusives for one console is more than enough for you, then there should be no reason for you to purchase any others. But if you think you really should be playing on multiple consoles then you might just have to spend that extra money.

Handheld or Console

"Choose wisely"

“Choose wisely”

Another thing you will need to consider is whether you would wanting to be playing your games on a handheld device or on an actual console. Some games are, of course, exclusive to handhelds or to consoles, so it is all a matter of deciding which one has the most games that you would want to play. In this situation, it is actually a really good idea to have at least one handheld device alongside having a console to play games on, seeing as both types of platform get completely sorts of games released for them. For example, handhelds get more puzzle based games whereas consoles get more fighting games. So it is a good idea to have both anyway.

Look at Your Demographic

The most important thing to do when you are trying to decide what consoles to use is to look at the people who are actually following your site. If the majority of the people following you are really into fighting games and like games like Call of Duty and Halo, then you might want to stick with an Xbox seeing as those games are exclusive to that console. But if you find yourself with a large number of people who enjoy visual novel type games, puzzle games, or a wider variety of games, a PlayStation might be more the direction that you would want to go. Your viewers are the most important part of running your site, so pay attention to what it is that they want to see.

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