How To Give The Best Game Review You Can

"Make sure your game review shouldn't just be about playing the game"

“Make sure your game review shouldn’t just be about playing the game”

A great way to deliver consistent site traffic to your gaming themed blog or website is to either specialize in or do scheduled gaming reviews. Game reviews are one of the most popular forms of game blogging both in terms of the amount of people who do it and the amount of people who will view a game review. Before you start to do reviews regularly, though, make sure you know what all to cover in a review before you start churning them out.

Understand The Game’s “Biodata”

What a seasoned gamer or someone interested in a game’s history wants to know are the games basic statistics. When was it released? Who worked on the project? Who released it? What is the age rating? Things like this should be discussed shortly and simply before you review really takes place, especially if they provide any context or can be involved in the critique of the game. It also makes you look more intelligent and willing to research which is never a bad thing.

Be Funny But Not Too Funny

There’s definitely such a thing as being too funny when it comes to a review. Being witty and using quips here and there is fine as well as some more lowbrow humor, of course. Just make sure that you aren’t doing a review consisting entirely of jokes so that you’re known as someone who can be taken seriously while not taking THEMSELVES too seriously. They key is to be relatable and not a standup comedian.

Realize Your Audience Is Extremely Wide

In lieu of using any offensive humor that is targeted towards sexual, racial, and gender minorities, instead go for a more general and inoffensive sense of humor. In doing so you are creating a wider audience for yourself that expands beyond white male gamers. Considering how video gaming can be an experience enjoyed by anyone, make sure you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot and limiting your audience to one demographic by excluding all the others.

Don’t Be Too Offensive

"Make sure your reviews are positive and genuine"

“Make sure your reviews are positive and genuine”

In general, being offensive can turn off a lot of people. While it may be okay to throw in an off color joke every once in a while, making a review that consists of way too much toilet or racial humor takes away from your game criticism. To ensure that your review is a worthy one, make it more about the game than about how many Asian jokes you can throw into a five minute video or blog post. You’ll be doing yourself many favors.

Include Opinions On All Areas

Don’t just talk about the gameplay. Talk about the graphics, the characters, the storyline, the mechanics, the replay ability, the bonus features, the Easter eggs, and any other areas you can think of. Playing a video game isn’t always just about playing a video game. So many other factors play into how much you enjoy a game, such as music and atmosphere, and many game reviewers neglect one or more of these areas.

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