How to Run a Feminist Gaming Blog

Feminism is a hot topic in the gaming world right now, and it can be a risk to try and incorporate feminism into your blog. However, if you run a good feminist gaming blog, you will have a solid and loyal following and a very clear target audience, which can really help your blog get very successful. But running a feminist gaming blog can be risky, and may accompany things like death threats, and hate much like other popular feminist gamers have face in recent times. If you choose to run a blog of this type, be sure that you are prepared, unflappable, and have a good server to support all the views you’ll start getting.

Be Courteous

"Be polite and firm in your replies"

“Be polite and firm in your replies”

Remember to be nice. While you certainly don’t need to be a pushover politeness can often take you a long way. If a person asks a question that isn’t too offensive, go ahead and answer them firmly and politely. This doesn’t at all mean that you should be polite to people who are blatantly insulting or threatening you, but people who aren’t overtly hostile deserve politeness before they prove otherwise. And always be kind to people who support and like you. That is a no brainer for running a successful blog.

Talk About Gaming

That is what you are blogging about. Don’t lose sight of one of the topics of your blog. Critique the games you play, talk about issues within the game that are pertinent to your blog, but don’t forget to talk about what you liked to. Being ultra-negative doesn’t end up working well for anyone, and it could just trap you in a stereotype if you aren’t careful.

Speak Out

Be open about your views. If you are starting a feminist gaming blog, go all the way. Being half-cocked about it is just going to make you seem timid or like you can’t back up your statements. If you are going to make a feminist blog, commit, make sure that people know that you are feminist. Don’t ignore issues that don’t suit you, and make sure that you know what it is that you are standing for. Educate yourself on important matters regarding feminism in the gaming world. And above all, form your own opinions and never just parrot what you hear, as that is a direct path to disaster and it will come back to bite you later.

Get Ready for Haters

"Try to be calm as much as possible"

“Try to be calm as much as possible”

There will be people who will be extremely rude to you. This is just part of running a blog that is about a topic that many people are vehemently opposed to. You are going to receive stupid, ugly messages. No matter how tempting it may be to retaliate, it will be better for you if you just let your users see what’s going on while responding calmly and with an even temper. You will be the mature party, and it will be harder to attack you in the future. Make sure that you are prepared for what you might receive, because running a feminist gaming blog takes a strong person, especially in the current climate on the Internet.

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