How to Save Money When Running a Gaming Blog

While a fun and interesting way to spend time, there are parts of running a blog that are a little difficult. For example, running a gaming blog can get pretty pricey, especially if you are vlogging in addition to the other normal operations that a blog requires. It can be quite easy to let a blog get away from you in terms of price, especially if you post a lot of content frequently. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with running a blog for cheap.

Find a Good Host

"Try to find a reliable and cheap web host"

“Try to find a reliable and cheap web host”

If you manage to find a gaming host that has good services for relatively cheap, then hold on to them and use their services. The first step to running a cheap blog is to find a good host that you can trust and won’t try to trick you into any shady deals or isn’t too overpriced. If you do your research and look carefully, you should be able to find one of these with minimal trouble.

Watch Your Content

Make certain that you aren’t putting too much on your blog, as that will drive up the size and price of your website. Especially with long videos or large graphic files, you will be taking up more space on your blog than you need to be. In order to get away with a cheap blog you should not make your blog bigger than necessary. You can do that by cycling through content, compressing your photos and making sure to keep your videos short.

Use Other Resources

"Outsource your videos on YouTube channels"

“Outsource your videos on YouTube channels”

You can spread out where you keep your content. If you want to post videos as part of your blog, you can easily post them on other websites. Links are your best friends when you are trying to keep the cost of a website down. You don’t need to post as much as you are probably used to, and there is no issue with outsourcing things like videos to your something like a YouTube channel or another website that allows you to put videos on it. Especially if you already have an account on one of these websites, use it and keep your blog a little cheaper.

Social Media

Make sure that you run Facebook and Twitter pages, so that your followers have something to read even if you aren’t updating your blog as frequently. The easiest way to keep your blog cheap is to stop it from expanding as quickly as it used to. Post things on social media sites as supplements to your blog and so that you don’t need to use it for trivial things. Using social media on your blog will also help spread the word about what you do, and you can get free exposure and advertisement using these websites. If you are cleaver about what you post and how you behave, you may even go viral and then because one of the most popular blogs on the Internet, all for a cheap, easy price.

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