How to Spot and Avoid Hidden Fees in Hosting Sites

Setting up a server, no matter what you’re going to be using it for, is going to cost you money. However, just how much money it’s going to cost you isn’t set in stone. Obviously, if you sign up with a hosting provider with high start up costs you’re going to be paying more than you would with a provider that’s a little cheaper. This isn’t to say that a cheaper provider is going to be the affordable solution in the long run, though. As with many other kinds of services, hosting providers often house hidden fees in the packages they offer you, which means you might end up paying way more than you’d expected. If you’d like to sign up for a hosting package without having to drain your wallet dry, you need to learn how to be able to both spot hidden fees and take steps to avoid them.

Read the Fine Print

"Pay close attention to the areas that are marked with asterisks"

“Pay close attention to the areas that are marked with asterisks”

You should really be doing this anytime you’re handing over your credit card info, so signing up with a hosting provider is really no exception. Make sure when you choose a package from a provider that you’re reading EVERYTHING. Yeah, it’ll take you a little extra time, but if it could save you a little extra money, isn’t it worth it? Pay special attention to areas that are marked with asterisks or in small print, as those are usually where the bit about how you’ll be paying extra for something you don’t necessarily want/need is placed.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras

"Be a smart shopper and ignore the unnecessary extras"

“Be a smart shopper and ignore the unnecessary extras”

Maybe the hosting provider you’re looking at is really stressing their super advanced, brand new security features, to the point where you’re really considering purchasing it. However, don’t buy into the hype. For starters, if you’re purchasing a VPS or dedicated hosting package, you’ll be able to handle all the server security yourself, which means you won’t need help from a third party. The next thing to remember is that just because the provider is telling you that their security features are remarkable does not necessarily mean that that’s the case. It’s a money grab. They want you to pay extra for a feature that probably isn’t any different from the security features you’d implement yourself. Be a smart shopper and pass on the unnecessary extras so that the total amount you’re paying is affordable instead of exorbitant.

Examine Your Total

You should also pay attention to the numbers that make up the subtotal. Make sure there are no costs there that you weren’t previously aware of. For example, if you’re paying a certain amount a month for “security scans” where previously you saw no mention of such a thing, the provider is attempting to trick you into paying that amount. If there’s any total there that you weren’t previously informed of, it’s time to reconsider handing over your credit card numbers. You can try to contact their customer support to negotiate a package without these hidden fees, but chances are good it’ll get you nowhere. It might be better to leave this particular provider and go looking for another one that isn’t trying to screw you out of money.

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