How to Take Your Gaming Videos From Amateur to Pro

Watching the thousands of gaming videos out there from famous gamers can leave the impression that it’s no big thing to whip out a camera and start churning out videos of yourself and your friends playing your favorite games and turn a profit from it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of steps between amateur gaming channels and the ones that make it big. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with basic equipment and experimenting with your personal brand of running dialogue when you’re just starting out to see where you stand and if making videos is really for you, but once you decide you’re in this for the long haul you’ll need to get serious.

Upgrade Your Equipment

"Upgrade to better pixels webcam for high quality videos"

“Upgrade to better pixels webcam for high quality videos”

The $10 webcam you got five years back for Christmas just isn’t going to make the cut anymore. If you’re going to be serious about monetizing your gameplay and providing high quality videos to your fans, you’ll need to step up your game in the technical department. Research higher grade mics, external and cloud storage, editing software, and video equipment. If it’s within your budget, you can even consider employing a friend to handle the filming and photography aspect of your channel or website. Better equipment won’t magically make your videos top notch, but they are a vital ingredient along with practice and skill.

Develop Your Online Persona

If you want to make a remarkable and memorable impression on viewers, you’ll need a solid persona to present to your audience. Having a persona doesn’t mean you have to be fake or act unnaturally, just that you need to have a defined presence. Your usernames, logo, profile pictures, and the way you speak should be consistent across all areas where you appear online. Social media profiles, all video channels, your website, everywhere. Your fans should be able to easily find and recognize you on all their favorite social media sites so they can friend, follow, or like your pages. A consistent appearance will help solidify your image and your personality to your fans, so they feel more like you are just another friend instead of an intimidating online presence. Your aim should be for all of your audience members to feel like they know you personally and that by sharing your content with their own networks, they’re just doing a friend a favor.

Do a Rehearsal

"Record a self-practice video before going LIVE!"

“Record a self-practice video before going LIVE!”

Whether you’re using new or old equipment, a rehearsal is a must. You don’t have to do this for every video, but you should schedule one regularly to make sure that you’re up to par with your personal performance standards and that all your equipment is functioning correctly. Record a short practice video as if you were going to post it later, and then play it back when you’re done. Listen to the way you speak and not anything you want to improve on. If there’s a lot of “umms” in your video and you stray off topic a lot, make a note to try and stay more focused and fluid in the next recording. Show the video to your friends or any family members who are supportive of your gaming and request critique so you can make changes accordingly.

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