Key Points to Make in Your Gaming Critiques

Before you have companies throwing copies of their game at you in the hopes that you’re going to review it you have to wow the crowds with some good reviews of your own. To start out with you have to cover the basics, and make sure that everyone who reads your reviews knows a few vital things about the game. Before you continue on, consider how you can work these very important aspects of a game into your review.

How Much Fun Was It

"Is the game influential?"

“Is the game influential?”

First and foremost, you should always put a number on the game. How fun was it? People care about graphics and storyline, but what they mostly care about is how fun it is. You could have an amazing, perfectly rendered game about looking at mold cultures and it wouldn’t sell well. Graphics by itself won’t make a game, and online player mode won’t make a game. What it comes down to in the end was whether you’re going to be daydreaming about that game the next time you’re punching the clock at work or sitting at a red light. If it’s no so fun that you’re fantasizing about it then it’s not a great game.

How Unique Was It

There are a lot of games that are just thinly veiled copies of each other. While a copycat game might be a lot of fun (sometimes more than the original, to make things awkward), they should still lose points because the creator was obviously just trying to bring in a quick buck. While the video game industry isn’t always known for being works of art foremost and money making second, it should still factor into a game’s overall score. If anyone trying to play it is going to get dj vu it’s time to start sending the game developers a stronger message: think outside the box.

How Long Is It

"The longer the game is, the better value it is"

“The longer the game is, the better value it is”

Games are hard to quantify in terms of play time, as many of them have so many side quests (each of which takes a varying amount of time to do, depending on skill level of the player). However, it’s still fine to round to an acceptable “average” length of time this will take to play. Many games clock in at around 70 hours, and consider this a good balance of complexity and difficulty with the average attention span of a human. This is important because the longer a game is, the better value it is.

How Much Bang for the Buck Total

You should remember in your reviews that games are going to be worth what you paid. If you got a free game, you don’t have to judge it that harshly. For being free, it’s pretty good. If you bought a game at launch for $60, on the other hand, it’s fair to point out that you would have wanted better graphics and a longer main quest for that amount of money. Value is relative, so be sure to include how much the game is worth.

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