Matching the Blogging Type to the Game

"Recorded videos - A most popular method"

“Recorded videos – A most popular method”

So you’ve got some games that you’re just dying to share, enough so that you’ve decided to start up a gaming blog. But, which medium to go with? Different games are suited to different blog types, and picking the right type can make sure that you and your visitors enjoy the game in the best way possible.


Screenshot heavy blog posts are great for really text heavy games. Players don’t want to be stuck reading things off a video, where they have no control over the size of the text, and no warning for when it will advance. Therefore, including screenshots or transcribing the text can make sure your readers can follow along without you needing to read every single word aloud. Such things can get tiring, and make it harder for you to inject your own character into the playthrough.

Text-based posts also let you better structure the presentation of the presentation of the game. Some people choose to blog as though it were the main character, allowing the otherwise silent protagonist share his own thoughts, with occasional interjection from the author. Some games do well with extensive asides detailing various in-jokes or cultural references a casual player might miss. Having the freedom to tweak the presentation can help give the game your own style.

This style of playthrough is also great because it can be hosted almost anywhere. Instead of being reliant on video hosting, it can be done on any site that allows you to upload images. Seeing as some companies have tried to start legal trouble over videos of their games, this style could save you a load of trouble.

Recorded Video

By far the most popular method today, vlogging games certainly has its merits. It allows watchers to experience the same visuals and audio that you are reacting to. Some vloggers even choose to keep a camera pointed at them, so their reactions can be recorded for the amusement of the viewers. It’s great for many of the very cinematic games that have been coming out for the newest generations of consoles and PC.

Of course, it’s still a recorded video. You still have the power to re-do and edit bits that you don’t like. This allows you a lot of control over you and how you play the game, while keeping the game relatively intact. Some people use this to do re-takes to tell funnier jokes or react better, some just use it to speed up or cut out parts viewers might find boring. It’s up for you to decide.

Live Streaming

"Live streams keep the viewers' engaged"

“Live streams keep the viewers’ engaged”

Live streaming is great for games where the outcome is uncertain. PvP matches in online games like League of Legends can create a great sense of excitement, especially if there’s a chat that is cheering you on and talking about the game. While it requires a fanbase ready to jump onto your stream whenever you make the call, live streams can create the feeling of an event that is not to be missed.

While multiplayer games are the best due to their random outcomes, story-driven single player games can have a place in the streams as well. Here, it’s best to build it around something other than the game itself. If someone wanted to watch the story, it would be better suited to a video, where they can pause at will. Some streamers play single-player games to riff off them, talking with the chat and making jokes at the character’s expense. Others choose to take requests, letting the viewers participate and help make choices.

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