Picking Games to Keep Your Audience Engaged

There are too many games out there and too few hours in the day to play them all, especially when you have to take extra time away from gaming to devote to editing your videos, writing a blog post, or creating new content for your audience. Most of your fans will actively follow more than one channel and gaming blog, but there’s a lot of them on the market and it can be easy to get lost in the crowd if a fan starts to lose interest in your videos and content. So which games should you pick to keep your audience’s eyes and attention from straying elsewhere? Keeping the attention of your audience is key to your success and to having fans who share your content and contribute to growing your following. Here are a few tips to making sure you choose the right games to keep yourself on track.

Know Your Audience

The key to knowing what your audience wants to see is knowing who they are. Your analytics for your website or YouTube channel will be vital to you becoming familiar with your audience before your fan base has really grown enough to have a steady stream of commenting members. Who is watching your videos? How old are they? What game genres are particularly popular on your channel or blog? Look over not only your popular videos, but also your least popular. Determine why some videos are getting less attention. Is the game not suited to your fans, or is it simply because the video is older and lower in quality? Use your findings to make decisions about your upcoming game choices.

Take Requests

"Enable the comment section of your YouTube channel"

“Enable the comment section of your YouTube channel”

The best way to know what your audience wants to see? Ask them. You can use any social media platform to take requests, as well as the comment section of your YouTube channel. Encourage your fans to leave their suggestions at the end of your videos so that everyone knows you take requests and more of your audience will feel comfortable leaving their input. Take requests one video at a time and use popularity to gauge whether or not you turn a request into a series.

Mix it Up

"Don't limit yourself to one genre"

“Don’t limit yourself to one genre”

If you fans go wild for your videos and reviews of indie horror games, by all means make some series with the scariest games you can find. But don’t limit yourself entirely to one genre. Even when one type of game is shining out among the rest in popularity, keep in mind that the tides could turn at any time. Trends are just that, and are subject to change without warning when the next big idea goes viral and the latest unforeseen craze rears its head. If you have cultivated an audience for a single, very narrow genre, you risk actually losing fans when you start featuring the next best thing instead of steadily growing your following. By offering a variety of ongoing videos and post topics, you’ll ensure that you grow an equally well rounded fan base that will continuously promote you, instead of offending fans who may have jumped on board to see one specific type of game and that genre only.

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