Quick and Dirty Guide to Setting Up a Hosted Dedicated Server

Recent multiplayer games have provided their customers dedicated servers on launch, for a good reason-dedicated servers are one of the few ways for gamers to play together online, without following someone else’s server rules, or dealing with gameplay lag from different members of their team. While building your own server tower is certainly an option, if you haven’t the patience or money for hardware, renting server space is a;ways an option. There are a couple things to consider when you start out with server set up, like the speed of your own Internet connection, and the cost of leaving your computer on all day for the group to play whenever they like. But getting your own gameplay space that runs smoothly just might be the best thing you’ve ever done.

1) Choose your server type

"Look for a managed dedicated server"

“Look for a managed dedicated server”

When finding a dedicated server host, you have two options: renting a preconfigured server, or getting your dedicated server its own space. Preconfigured servers are set up by games, and paid for in slots. Getting a dedicated machine for your server means you can add whatever mods or maps you’d like on the fly, but you’ll also have to pull some grunt work getting your games to run on it through other systems. In the majority of cases, renting a preconfigured server is the easier option, as most of the major games will be supported, and will cost you less than a dedicated machine for your server, even if you buy servers for multiple games.

If neither option sounds that appealing, you can always look for a managed dedicated server. There’s still no administrative access, but you won’t have to worry about security, software updates, or an FTP, since the company hosting will manage that. You can still toggle settings through a provided control panel, so it’s a great option for those who aren’t OS experts.

2) Check out the specs

"Make sure your web host is powerful enough to run your game"

“Make sure your web host is powerful enough to run your game”

Don’t get too worried about your server specs; the game is still going to be played on your computer, so there’s no need for your server to have a monster graphics card or top-of-the-line components. But there’s still a couple things to keep an eye out for, especially if you’re eyeing up a regular web host service for your server. Make sure your web host is powerful enough to run your game. Look for a dual core processor with at least 4GB of RAM, even more if your game involves a huge player count and a lot of world interaction. High processing speed and large memory capacity ensures that the game won’t lag during gameplay or loading sequences.

3) Fork over the money

Dedicated servers can be expensive, so it’s more cost effective to rent slots for the games that your group is playing. You’ll have surface level access rights, but the deal itself is prepackaged, so you won’t have much flexibility in terms of mods and add-ons. This of course varies from game to game and service to service, so take a look to figure out which configuration matches your group’s need best. A slot is good per simultaneous player, so it’s fine for two squads to use one set of slots.

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