Reasons You Should Keep Your Gaming Site As Inoffensive As Possible

Around the Internet, Let’s Players and video game bloggers alike are known for their witty insights and critiques as well as their humorous way about talking about the games they play and review. While this is a great thing it’s also something that’s marred by a bit of a reputation to also be vulgar, misogynistic, and downright offensive. There are a large percentage of people that don’t care about these things but that’s combated by a large percentage of people that do. In the business of game blogging it’s truly best to try to keep it as inoffensive as you can.

The Tides Are Turning

"Offensive content don't fancy everyone"

“Offensive content don’t fancy everyone”

As stated already, there is quite a large part of a gaming community’s audience that finds jokes about women making sandwiches and how hot Asian girls are to be hilarious as any other. On the other side of the coin, this number is diminishing ever day do to a more aware society. Sure, there’s still a large part of a video game audience that loves Black jokes and fake and offensive accents but one day there might not be such a sizable one. To make sure your videos or commentary stay timeless and enjoyable for a while simply keep these things out of your content.

Play To Both Audiences: Those Who Care And Those Who Don’t

"Involve general humor in your site"

“Involve general humor in your site”

One of the reasons some video game commentators and bloggers ARE as popular as they are because of their jokes about how hot Asian girls are and love anything involving women making sandwiches. If you want to play exclusively to this audience then you will certainly have one.

To oppose that point, however, if you leave it out and instead involve more general humor then you are expanding your audience to those who like those kinds of jokes and then also to those who don’t. Targeting an audience that likes offensive things means that you narrow your scope down considerably.

Minorities Game Too

Before you say anything about how lazy you think Hispanic people are, remember that gamers come in all shapes and sizes as well as races. When people imagine gamers their image is typically of a white male in his late teens or early twenties but this is an extremely limited and stereotypical view. If you include racially charged jokes and content in your blogs or your website then you are creating a rift between yourself and a large chunk of the gaming community.

Don’t Give Yourself The Hassle

If you truly just don’t care about what people have to say about offensive humor then look at it this way: instead of taking it as an affront to your beliefs, take not putting offensive content into your blog or website as an escape from the hassle it will cause you. When people who do care about how offensive something is find out that someone is offending them they aren’t going to leave it alone. Avoid the nasty, angry emails and simply cut out the possibility of being harassed altogether. At the end of the day, offensive humor can be very cheap and it’s not worth getting a bloated email inbox over.

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