Streaming Games: Is It For You?

As you’re setting up a gaming blog, you may be tempted to try your hand at livestreaming games. While it can be really rewarding, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re excited to stream games or just nervous, tackling a couple of topics can help you decide if streaming games is for you.

Game Choice

"Play new games and give audience an honest reaction"

“Play new games and give audience an honest reaction”

Most important is the game choice. Are you going to be taking on the latest hot game? Or maybe, go retro. If you’re doing a really popular game, you’ll have to really bring something unique to the play, be it your character or your knowledge. If you’re playing something less popular, it might be harder to hook an audience. There’s also the matter of your knowledge. Do you want to play games blind, or go through something you know forward and back? Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Long stumbles through new gameplay can alienate audiences, but playing something for the first time will give audiences an honest reaction.

Chat It Up

Livestreams offer the unique possibility of real-time interaction with watchers, so jump on it! In videos, you’re restricted to seeing comments only after a video is recorded, edited, and posted, which can sometimes be far too late. The types of comments depends on the community, but viewers can offer everything from secrets of the games to jokes at its expense. Chatting with it can help make the visit more personal, and makes viewers feel they are valued.

Of course, the internet isn’t just full of good-hearted, eager talkers. If you experience harassment, sites like Twitch allow you to ban users to help keep the community fun.

Player Two?

"Bring a friend alone with you"

“Bring a friend alone with you”

Of course, this doesn’t have to be something you undertake alone. If you’re nervous about maintaining an audience, consider bringing along a friend. They can help maintain conversation, keep better track of the chat, and maybe fill in if you need to step away. Most important here is chemistry, so invite someone you already enjoy speaking with, and who is open to talking to strangers. Of course, it’s important that you both remember that you’re not just hanging and playing games on your own, so make sure your conversation doesn’t get overly deep in inside jokes or other things the general char won’t understand. It’s also best to bring along someone who is familiar with the game you’re playing, so they’re not asking basic questions everyone already knows.

Regular Appearances

Of course, game streams only work if people show up. When deciding to stream, it’s important to have a way for potential audience members to be notified in a timely manner. This can be through established communities on message boards or social networks, but can be reinforced by maintaining a schedule. If you maintain a regular schedule, such as once a week, then fans will learn that on a certain day they can always come to your stream for a fun time and fun people. Of course, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to commit to streaming, and your schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but a general structure can keep you in place in the minds of fans.

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