Things to Focus on When Reviewing an RPG

"When you want to play RPGs, pay attention to the storyline"

“When you want to play RPGs, pay attention to the storyline”

Reviewing any video game takes a lot of know-how and finesse. You want to be able to present the game in a good light for anyone who actually enjoys it, but you want to be able to point out what flaws the game has. More than any other type of game, reviewing an RPG is very difficult. Roleplaying games have a very different setup to them than any other kind of game and so you need to go about reviewing it in a completely different way. There are certain things that you need to be paying attention to and that people will be looking for when they read your review. So here are just a few things that you should really be focusing on when you write a review for an RPG.


The most important part of any RPG is the storyline and the setting. Roleplaying games are meant to be immersive and realistic, a great escape from the everyday life of a normal person. So when you are playing an RPG, you need to be paying attention to the story very carefully since that is the backbone of the game. If the story is stilted and barely holds together with what is presented in the game then you will need to point that out as part of the reason that you did not enjoy the game. People reading reviews of RPGs are looking for games that have a good story because there is almost no other reason to play an RPG in the first place.


"Characters play a vital role in RPGs"

“Characters play a vital role in RPGs”

Characters are just as important as the story in an RPG, in fact some people might believe that they are even more important in the long run since they are what the story is actually about. So when you are reviewing an RPG, you need to be paying close attention to the characters and how they grow and develop as people. People want RPG characters to be believable, but they also want them to go through development in such a way that they are different people by the end of the game. If you find yourself playing an RPG that has mediocre characters or does not spend nearly enough time developing and setting up their characters, then you should be noting that in your review to warn other players of the fact that this game does not take its characters seriously.

Overall Look

Because RPGs focus so heavily on the story and characters, there is not necessarily a lot that has to go into the battle mechanics. In fact, most RPGs just use a basic turn based combat system, making it so much easier on themselves. That is why more of the budget for the game should be going into the designs and backgrounds than in most other kinds of games. Pay attention to how the world looks, how interesting the character designs are, and how much detail is put into the backgrounds in general. Those are the visually important things in an RPG and are what your readers are going to want to see nitpicked in your reviews.

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