Understanding What’s Unnecessary in a Game Hosting Site

When it comes to setting up your own gaming server, there are things you do need and things you don’t need. If you’re new to all of this, however, it can be hard to tell one from the other. If you’re looking to get your money’s worth out of a web hosting provider, you need to be able to tell what features are necessary and what features are just a money grab. So before you begin, you need to have a plan of what exactly you’re using your server for, such as what game(s), how many players, and how often it’ll be used. Once you’ve got that information on hand you should be able to weed out what you need from a provider and what you don’t.

Over the Top Security Features

"Take some time to research what security measures are needed"

“Take some time to research what security measures are needed”

Yeah, you should be concerned about the security of your server. Being as it’ll house not only your sensitive, personal information but that of any others who join in order to game there, you need to be aware and on top of protecting said information. However, this doesn’t mean you need to fork over an extra $200 just because the hosting provider says you need to. If you’re signing up for VPS hosting or a dedicated server, you’ll be able to look after server security on your own. It might sound difficult, but if you’ve come this far you’re probably more than able to tackle that feat. If you did your research the right way, you’ll be able to set up security measures that will be more than adequate, which means you won’t have to pay the provider a ridiculous sum for security measures that aren’t really all that necessary.

Unnecessary Package Sizes

"Make sure you choose your hosting provider wisely"

“Make sure you choose your hosting provider wisely”

So you want to pay for a 50GB package. Simple enough, right? Except the hosting provider doesn’t offer 50GB packages-it offers 25 GB, 100GB, and 150gb. This means that in order to meet the requirements you have, you’re going to have to end up spending more than you wanted to. This tactic is frequently found in the world of video gaming (just trying topping up your wallet on the Playstation Network sometime and you’ll see what we mean) as a ploy to get you to spend more than you wanted to get something you really need. If the hosting provider you’ve been eyeing up has some ridiculous package sizes that require you to spend way more than you’d thought you would have to, it might be time to look for another hosting provider who has packages that are far more reasonable in regards to size.

Annoying Newsletter

We’ve all signed up on a website and been pestered to sign up for the newsletter. However, some websites are far more obnoxious about this than others. In fact, some make subscribing a mandatory thing if you’re looking to do business with them. This is a highly unnecessary feature and while it might sound like a small deal, it’s enough for some people to take their business elsewhere. If you prefer to avoid spam and just continue with setting up your gaming server without being pressure to buy more, you might want to find a less obnoxious hosting provider.

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