What Not to Say on Your Gaming Blog

"Make sure you choose your blog topics carefully"

“Make sure you choose your blog topics carefully”

While running a blog, especially a gaming blog, it’s pretty easy to offend people. While there are going to be people who are offended no matter what, and you will encounter insulting trolls and other difficult people. However, you can avoid buzz topics and keep your popularity up and avoid offending the people who read your blog. There have been plenty of gamers who have said the wrong thing and gotten totally destroyed because of it. So make sure to watch what you say, or you could end up on the bad end of the Internet, which is not where you want to be.

Regarding Yourself

"Don't mention anything about yourself"

“Don’t mention anything about yourself”

It’s best to keep personal information on the down low on the Internet. This just keeps you safe from trolls who are armed with personal slights and potential stalkers. While trolls are minor annoyances, you might get your identity stolen if you are too open about where you live and other important information about your life. So limit telling people where you live, and never give out your full name, just to be safe.

Regarding Games

When you critique a game, feel free to trash it if you didn’t like it. However, it is better if you leave the people who liked it out of it. Be clear with yourself that your reviews are only your opinions and that other people can have different ones. You don’t need to be soft or explain anything to anyone, but keep the anger about people who play the games you don’t like to a minimum, at least on your blog.

Regarding General People

"Avoid generalization of group of people"

“Avoid generalization of group of people”

Don’t insult the general populace as a rule. That is what will put a negative opinion of you out in the air. In the end, being a jerk will leave you with absolutely no popularity and leave you with a very unsuccessful blog. Just stick to reviewing games and try not to directly insult a group of people and you’ll end up okay.

Regarding Women

There has been a lot of talk with feminism and gaming. You will have a larger audience if you just don’t mention feminism at all. Because of how touchy a subject it is, it is generally best to play it safe and avoid the subject altogether. If you want to address feminism, go completely on one side or the other, don’t be wishy-washy. However, not mentioning it is a good way to avoid alienating your audience.

Regarding Other Bloggers and Let’s Players

In general, picking fights with other bloggers is a bad idea, unless it is predetermined and mostly in good fun. Even if you are in the right, too ferocious a critique about one person ends up making you look like the jerk. If you want to keep your popularity up, the easiest way is to live and let live, not go around looking for a fight. If you have a problem with someone, its fine to let it be known, but explain rationally and refrain from insulting them. That way, you can run your blog in peace and keep your followers happy.

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