Why Customer Service and Game Hosting Go Hand in Hand

"Make sure you choose the right web host for your website"

“Make sure you choose the right web host for your website”

If you’re a serious PC gamer, you’ve likely played on a player-hosted server before or maybe even thought about building your own. Unless you’re willing or able to foot a pretty hefty bill, however, creating your own server to use for gaming might be something you’ll have to do through third party hosting. While there are both advantages and disadvantages to this, one major perk is that you’ll have access to customer service. If you’re new to the concept and you’re not entirely sure as to why customer service would be such a big deal, it’s important that you take the time to learn all the reasons why. Once you have that knowledge, you can start sifting through third party hosts in order to find one that offers great customer service.

It Frees Up Time

Look at it this way: if you’re intent on creating a game server for the game of your choice, you’re going to have a lot of responsibilities already. Add to that the burden of maintaining your own server and problem solving whenever issues arise and you’re looking at little to no spare time for yourself. While nobody is saying that setting up game hosting is rocket science, it can be pretty difficult, particularly if you’re new to the scene. For this reason, you’re going to want to find a third party host that has a reliable and accessible customer service department. A good customer service department can actually take over the task of problem solving from you, which means it’s going to free you up to be able to focus on other things that really need your attention.

It Decreases Downtime

"Great! My website is running perfectly"

“Great! My website is running perfectly”

Obviously, if you’re using a server for game hosting, downtime is a very, very bad thing. And if you signed up with a third party host that’s got a less than reliable customer service department, that downtime could become a lot lengthier than you wanted it to. Consider the fact that the entire point of your server is to let people play games together and that when it’s down, nobody is playing anything. This is going to be even worse if people have paid to play on your server, because they’re going to be extremely unhappy that their money is going to waste. If a hosting provider has a great customer service team, they can help you figure out what’s going on and have your server back up and running in record time.

It Eases Your Burden

Some third party hosts might even have such a solid customer service department that they actually look after all the server maintenance instead of you. This is a huge burden that’s being taken off your shoulders, which means that you won’t be stressing near as much as you were. While this service might cost you a bit more in the long run, it’s most definitely worth it, particularly if you’re not exactly well-versed in server maintenance. If the customer service department is totally on the ball about this, you may not even experience any kind of trouble with your server, which means that it’s totally worth what you paid for and will lead to great gaming experiences for you and everyone else who plays on your server.

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