Why Dedicated Hosting is the Answer to Your Game Hosting Problem

"Dedicated hosting - No security threat"

“Dedicated hosting – No security threat”

So you’ve decided you’d like to set up a private server for your and your friends (and maybe their friends, too) to play Team Fortress 2 on. The only problem is that you’ve never done this before and you’re not exactly sure how to go about it. This doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream. In fact, it can be pretty simple to get a private server up and running. Unless you’re well versed in server setup, maintenance, and housing, however, you’re probably going to opt to go through a third party hosting provider to get this done. While web hosting providers simplify the process considerably, there are still some decisions you’re going to have to make. The most important one is going to be what type of hosting you’d like to go with. The most common hosting options are shared, VPS, and dedicated. If you’re looking to set up a gaming server, however, dedicated is most definitely the way to go.

No Sharing of Resources

When you go with shared hosting, it means that you and other users are sharing a server and therefore sharing all of its resources. Given that a server’s resources are finite, this means that you can run into problems if what you’re doing requires a higher amount of resources than the other users. This is why VPS and dedicated hosting make far better choices when you’re setting up a gaming server. While a VPS gives you far more to play around with than a shared server would, if you want complete and full access to a server’s resources, you need to go with dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means that you and you alone will be using one server, which means that all of the server’s resources are at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about competing with other users or hitting the restriction limit. You’ll literally have the power of the entire server to use.

Full Control

"Dedicating hosting gives you full control over what happens to your server"

“Dedicating hosting gives you full control over what happens to your server”

A downside of using certain hosting types is that you don’t have full control over what happens with your server (particularly with shared hosting). You may have to be content with whatever software, operating system, and security features are already installed. Should you switch to VPS, you’ll have more control over those types of things. If you decide to go with dedicated hosting, however, you’ll have full control. You’re in charge of what software, Operating System, and security features will be running on it. And if you’re using it for gaming, you can tweak it so that it’s the perfect gaming server for you and those who are interested in playing with you.

More Cost Effective

Generally, dedicated hosting is going to cost you more than either VPS or shared hosting would. However, consider what you get for that cost: unlimited access to server resources and complete operational control. These are things you wouldn’t have access to otherwise (or would have to pay extra for). Additionally, dedicated hosting is far cheaper than it would be to house your own server at your own place. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable gaming server option, dedicated hosting is the way to go.

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