Why Gaming Vlogging is On the Way Out

"Try to make your blog utterly unique for viewers"

“Try to make your blog utterly unique for viewers”

There are hundreds of YouTube channels and vlogs out there dedicated to gaming, critiques, and ‘let’s plays.’ This popular way to share experiences has swept across the Internet, but the fact of the matter is that it won’t hold out for long. This is because there are several flaws in the way that these video blogs work, and the problem comes down to the fact that there are too many of them being produced and that they are going to get boring in just a few years, maybe even less time than that. Looking, at trends on the Internet makes one thing clear; the only thing that has really stood against the test of time is the blog, because the website is yours to maintain and it is easy to reach back through to previous years. You can make your blog unique to you, and that is what will keep your users coming back and boost you into popularity.

Too Common

The problem with these vloggers is that they are absolutely everywhere. At this point, it’s pretty much impossible to stand out from the giant crowd. If your blog is exclusively on YouTube and only about producing videos you are going to have a very difficult time making yourself different enough to get people who watch your videos consistently. If you have a blog that is supplemented with videos, you are more likely to fare better with your popularity. It’s very difficult to be different when the variety is so enormous. The vloggers who are most popular also run websites that feature other content.

Low Skill Level

"Post some unique articles and reviews in order to make your blog pop"

“Post some unique articles and reviews in order to make your blog pop”

There isn’t much effort that goes into the slapping of a video on YouTube directly from a camera, and Internet users know that. If you are simply posting your vlog onto YouTube, then people are unlikely to follow you, even if your content is really great. The amount of people who don’t put any effort into vlogging then give up, leaving only the really popular ones left. In order to reach that state, you need to put in effort and preserver, and that often requires more than just relying on the videos that you post. Making more of an effort and posting reviews, articles, and using photos to run a high quality blog.

Gets Boring Quickly

It’s also difficult to keep people engaged with video blogs without using clichd gimmicks and other methods. However, relying on one pattern of behavior also quickly becomes stale, and continually makes it difficult to maintain a consistent following. So once again, relying on only making videos about gaming is not going to make you very popular. Once again, there are always different methods that you can use in tandem with videos on a blog that will help broaden your potential audience and make everything work out in your favor. However, vlogging alone is a very unlikely way to get popular in the gaming sphere on the Internet. Creativity, however, works wonders.

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