Why Girl Gamers Are Important To Your Traffic Stats

"Including girl gamers in your website can boost your web traffic"

“Including girl gamers in your website can boost your web traffic”

Most men who talk about video games think that “girl gamers” are a subset of people to be laughed at. After all, women have no place playing video games, right? This is a man’s hobby and they should busy themselves with womanly things like knitting or feeding a baby somewhere.

You may not hold this viewpoint yourself but there are plenty of men in the gaming community that do. Women and girls are often not accepted due to a lot of misogyny and rambunctious men taking over every space of the gaming world. In the chance that you do think that this is fine and that women shouldn’t be involved in discussions of gaming then the only thing you’re really doing is hurting your web traffic.

There’s More Of Them Than You Think

When it comes to female gamers and their community size you may not really notice how many of them there actually are. There will always be a larger population of male gamers but that does not make the female subset any less present than the male demographic.

Because of this it’s important to note that while they are a minority, female gamers can be very important when it comes to getting your blog or website or any online content you create off the ground. By not only remaining neutral in the male vs. female gamer debate and actually including them in your site in some way, you actually have a better chance of getting boosted traffic from a female audience. You’re going to want traffic and website hits any way you can get them.

Female Nature Works In Your Favor

"Create some female-friendly space in your blog"

“Create some female-friendly space in your blog”

Women are extremely inclined to be social creatures. Men also participate heavily in social media but there’s something about the fairer sex that makes them participate much more in general. Instead of exploiting this as a joke or making fun of women for it, successfully offending a large part of your traffic base, you should use it to your advantage.

By putting out good content, you successfully enable the ability for women to take part in your website and also share it with others. This can drastically increase your traffic and makes you a central player in female gaming news, blogging, or content creating.

Not Many Sites Target This Audience So Become One Of Them

One of the better ways you can fully exploit this market is by becoming a female-friendly gaming site that actively includes them in topics of conversation or, better yet, speaks out about male exclusion of them. There’s going to a bit of a fight that’s created but it can actually do your site some good. You might lose some traffic but it will quickly be regained by female gamers and others who respect your courage to denounce this oppressive attitude.

Female gamers don’t have a lot of safe havens. When you create one for them they are going to flock to it with open arms. Doing so invites a consistent stream of traffic to your site.

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