Why You Should Be Writing About New Gaming Releases

"The best way to keep your viewers interested"

“The best way to keep your viewers interested”

Gaming certainly isn’t the hobby it used to be. It’s much more mainstream than it was a decade or two ago, and that means that your gaming blog is likely to have a lot of competition. Most of the time when you’re a new blog competing in a popular niche you want to make sure you cover something that isn’t already being covered by all the popular blogs. It’s hard to understand why you should be covering something that Kotaku already has covered, after all, especially when you don’t have anything near the same number of readers. But believe it or not, video game blogging is one of the few instances in which you’re going to want to go with the flow. If you need additional convincing, here are a couple of key points to drive the fact home.

When In Rome

The lead blogs are reporting on these titles because they’re worth reporting on, and it could do your blog good to follow suit. After all, these blogs didn’t become popular by writing content that no one’s interested in reading. In fact, following some lead blogs in the industry is a great way to get your blogging career started in the first place. Look at the angles they cover, the games they review and see if you can’t cover the same. Don’t make the mistake of regurgitating what they do, of course. No one’s going to read your blog if all it does is parrot what they can find other places. But if everyone’s doing a review of the latest Assassins Creed game, you may want to look into it yourself, see if you can cover it from another angle. Write from the perspective of a middle aged gamer, an LGBT person or a woman playing in a genre largely reserved for men. Find a fresh angle to report on the latest and greatest titles on and you’re sure to be a hit.

It’ll Boost Your Search Status

"Get ranked number one on Google"

“Get ranked number one on Google”

When new games with rave reviews come out, you can count on hundreds of thousands of people popping its name into Google. The internet has made consumers savvier; they don’t want to blindly buy a game based on advertisements and box covers. Even beyond things like star ratings and it’s score based on a scale of 100 points, they rely heavily on reviews from a variety of parties to help them decide if this game is going to appeal to them or not. If your blog is writing on that game, your odds of appearing on that search list have just increased dramatically. Your odds are even better if you’ve followed the advice listed in the previous section here and approached it from an angle that no one else is. A search for “assassins creed women” is likely to point in your direction if that’s something you’ve picked up on and no one else has. And as every good blogger knows, being easy to find on Google is one of the best ways to increase your readership numbers.

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