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This host needs to stop obsessing over the bitcoin gimmick it's got going, and start actually making a product people can use. Slow and underpowered service is all you'll find. is a web host that–you guessed it–relies on bitcoins as payment. Weird, but not exactly a horrible concept…except that it just isn’t that good.

The host is slow.

This is a web host that really needs to up its priorities, and stop focusing on bitcoin advertising, and way more on the fact that it needs to have some solid servers.

game hosting rating info

This particular host really isn’t suitable for game server hosting, and that’s because of the intense lag that you’ll experience the moment that you hop on the site.

Background Basics

You’d like to think that a web host that’s really looking to get itself out there would focus way more on telling more about itself, but this host just doesn’t even try with that.

It sucks.

With this particular host, you’re not going to even find a single ‘about us’ page. This is because the BitcoinWebHosting company clearly didn’t think this through at all.

This makes for a very unfortunate setting for you as a customer, because you’re going to end up going in entirely blind. Not fun, not exciting–mostly, it’s just stressful.

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Features You Can Skip

As you are perusing the BitcoinWebHosting hosting site, you’ll quickly find yourself unmoved. This is because of the serious lack of options that you’re presented with.

You’ll hate it.

This site just doesn’t allow for any sort of customization or growth, which is going to quickly end up spelling disaster for you and your up and coming game server online.

If you actually want to be able to upgrade later on, you have to completely cancel your package, and move onto an entirely different one. This is extremely inconvenient.

Does It Stand Out?

Obviously, the market niche here has everything to do with bitcoins. You’d think this would be pretty cool, but that’s literally all this host has to offer, and that’s just weird.

It’s still not good.

While bitcoins are cool and all, that kind of a gimmick isn’t going to be able to make this into a better game server hosting site. It’s mostly just going to make it a gimmick.

That’s literally all that you can expect from this host, and nothing more. The ideal that you can actually make this host work for you is laughable at best because of this.

Server Pricing? Not so Great

There’s definitely an ideal price point when it comes to web hosting for your game server, but this host doesn’t even come close to that. Instead, it’s really jacked up.

It’s just sad.

Even their most basic monthly plan is going to end up costing you a total of $15.00 monthly, and that’s not even beyond shared hosting. That’s very, very expensive.

With their limited plans and their very limited upgrade options, you’re going to quickly find this pricing prohibitive, and you’re going to really want to move onto another host.

Security is Horrible

Security is not a topic of conversation here. This makes it a very difficult site for you to use, and an even more difficult one for you to actually end up trusting in general.

You’ll hate it.

The moment that a web host doesn’t even try to give you the kind of security that you deserve is the moment that you’re never going to be able to relax fully on your server.

This host doesn’t even discuss it. That’s just sad, and it’s not going to bode well for you or your customers, either. Mostly, it’s just going to be a disaster for all of you.

Speed That You Can Skip

If you’re looking for speed, you won’t find it amidst our BitcoinWebHosting rating. That’s why this host received a very deplorable 5 out of 10 rating on our rating scale.

It was sad.

After performing a standardized speed test on this particular host, we found that it took a total of 4.37 seconds to load up entirely, which was absolutely not good at all.

The uptime was another problem, as the final percentage there was only at 98.398%. This is something that’s going to really cause a lot of problems for you later on.

A Lack of Support

Customer service was very bad here, and that’s what led to our 4 out of 10 rating overall. This site definitely has very slow response times, and not a lot of tech knowledge.

That sucks.

This particular web host takes close to 30 hours to actually end up responding to your tickets, which is in no way acceptable. This host just isn’t going to be dependable.

This, combined with the fact that they clearly just don’t know what they’re doing, is going to make for a very sad experience that is never going to answer your questions.

No Good News to be Found

Their client area is extremely confusing to use as a general rule:

Their affiliate program isn’t anything to even blink at:

Forget about trying to contact them, it just won’t work: Skip This for Game Hosting, Because it Sucks

With, you’re never going to end up getting the kind of experience that you want. This particular web host just can’t even begin to stand out.

It’s horrible.

We found ourselves very disappointed in this site’s unreliable uptime and their poor customer service, which basically means that you’ll only waste your time here.

If you want a real game server host, you need to check out our number one site, It can give you the kind of experience that you’ve really been looking for.

With a stand out web host, you can definitely end up seeing a different perspective on how to build your gaming host. You’ll be able to really have an easy time of it.

Good luck!

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