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The RAM offered here is absolutely pathetic, and won't do you a single bit of good with a gaming server. There's just nothing about this site that can support it. might look like a half-way decent web host at first, but ultimately, it just ends up missing the mark. Why? Because it’s extremely slow, laggy, and not dependable.

It’s not enough.

Because this host has so many issues, you’re going to immediately be turned off by it–as you should be. Lag is something that should really give you a number of red flags.

game hosting rating info

This host just continues to be a jumble and a mess, and as you look into their plans, you’ll quickly find that none of them really end up appropriate for any kind of game server.

Missing Background

The more that you dig into the caCloud company information, the less you’re going to end up finding. That’s because this web host just doesn’t have much of anything posted.

That’s not good.

When a web host just doesn’t have much to offer online in the way of actual information, that’s something that’s going to end up really making you nervous to use them.

This is especially the case when it comes to creating your own game server. You need a lot more information in order to actually trust in the web host that you’re using.

image overlay caCloud

For top game hosting sites that really provide the support you need, try our full rankings.

Horrid Features

The right features are going to end up making the host, but with caCloud hosting, you’re never going to end up finding what you need. You’re going to need to really upgrade.

It’s barely the basics.

The ability for mods on this particular host isn’t going to impress you, nor is the fact that you’re only going to end up with about 512MB of actual RAM usage online.

That’s something that’s going to quickly end up tearing your ability to make a proper game server down, and it’s going to really make you feel like you aren’t getting enough.

Nothing Standing Out

Being a generic web host isn’t in any way a good idea these days, and it’s mostly going to end up being the kiss of death more often than not. That’s definitely the case here.

You need more.

Rather than deal with a web host that doesn’t even seem to talk about anything beyond their most basic plans over and over again, you need a host that’s going to go beyond.

This host doesn’t offer any special offers or any sort of features that would actual help with building your game server. You’re basically going to end up coming up empty.

Bad Prices

With affordability as something that’s very important whenever you’re looking for hosting, you’re going to really find that this host isn’t meeting that mark at any point.

It’s not good.

Even for their most basic monthly plan, this particular host is going to end up costing you a total of $12.00 monthly. That might not sound like a lot, but it will add up.

Most of this comes down to the fact that you aren’t going to really get much for that price, and it’s going to be important for you to upgrade almost immediately afterwards.

Security That Doesn’t Work

Security is a big deal with any web host, and it needs to be an even bigger one if you’re looking into hosting for your gaming servers. This host just can’t compete with that.

They don’t try.

When your web host just outright refuses to chat about what kind of security they have, you’re going to really find yourself restricted in every single manner of building your server.

You’re not going to be able to really guarantee that your customers are safe on the server, and you yourself are going to constantly feel vulnerable if you’re with this host.

Speed That Can’t Deliver

Our caCloud rating wouldn’t be complete without our speed test, and that’s why we were very sad to say that our final speed test rating for this host rolled in at a 5 out of 10.

It was sad.

After performing that standardized speed test, we found that this particular host ended up taking a total of 3.99 seconds to actually load up entirely, which was no good.

The uptime was another issue, and the final uptime percentage here was only at 98.458%. This host just doesn’t even come close to hitting the mark on reliability online.

No Good Support

Our customer service score wasn’t any good either, and that final number was only a 5 out of 10 overall. This means that you’re really just not going to get good service.

It wasn’t good.

With that sad customer service score, you can basically expect 24 hour waits on any sort of ticket response, and even then, it’s usually just a lot of canned responses.

This isn’t acceptable for basic web hosting, and it certainly isn’t acceptable if you’re looking to start up a game server online and actually have other users online.

Terrible Links

Using their support is honestly closer to pulling teeth than anything:

With this Twitter, it’s not going to end up doing you any favors:

This Facebook is just going to end up being useless for you: A Game Hosting Site That Won’t Work

We were really not happy with, and we can’t imagine that you will ever be happy, either. This is a very subpar web host, and it’s just not going to work for you.

Forget about it.

With this web host, the only thing that you can expect is a lot of issues with uptime and reliability. The customer service response here is also way below average.

With that in mind, you should be checking out much better options, like It’s our number one web host, and it can really end up hitting the mark.

If you’re looking for great service all in one package, then go for our number one site. It’s going to really be able to give you all that you want in one simple package.

Have at it!

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