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With this host, you can save the earth both in-game and out. They're dedicated 100% to their eco-friendly mission, but don't skimp at all on service and support.

Environmentally sound web hosting? Check. You’ve found it all right here at, and it definitely knows that it’s the best around in every single way.

It does the job right.

This web host really takes the time to explain to you why exactly their green hosting is the best around, too, which is something that many other hosts don’t bother with.

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You can definitely see the difference, and that’s something that you should be thoroughly focusing on. They’re fast, they’re speedy, and they’re definitely green for you and your server.

Company Info

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation is the partnership that’s going on with this particular host, and that means that they are actually backed by a proper organization.

That pays off.

The GreenGeeks company has been around since 2008 independently, which means that you’ve definitely got some staying power with this particular web host.

image GreenGeeks overlay

You can definitely expect good things from their green energy. It’s not just a total cluster of random facts; it’s actual solid, environmental respect going on with this host.

Their Great Deals

This particular host isn’t just green–it actually takes the time to stand out in the world of hosting by having some excellent, sound start-up packages for servers online.

That bodes well.

The GreenGeeks hosting company is all about customization, which means that mod support is something that you can definitely come to appreciate with this particular host.

Their most basic plans even cover the bare minimum of RAM for you, and it’s also very easy for you to upgrade to something with much more later on. That’s a huge plus.

More on Hosting

Green, green, green–that’s probably what you’re going to immediately be thinking about in the way of hosting here, but that’s not the only stand out feature of this host.

You can get more.

When you’re hunting for a bit more in a web host, you will quickly be able to see that they have a number of features that can help you with your up and coming game server.

This isn’t just green energy, but you have various different servers to choose from, and you also can take advantage of their nightly backups to keep your server safe.

Very Good Pricing

Finding affordable hosting isn’t a difficult task, but getting a lot for your money is. With this host, you’re going to be able to get that, and it’s going to really be a huge bonus.

You’ll love it.

Their most basic monthly plan is only going to end up running you a total of $9.95 monthly, which is extremely affordable even if you’re just starting out with game servers.

You’ll also find a lot of relief if you want to buy a yearly contract here, as they have a discount of up to 36%. This means that you can save a great deal of money here.

More Security

If there isn’t great security, then you should definitely be running. With this host, that’s not going to ever be an issue, which is a huge reason why we were so taken by it.

It’s awesome.

They actually have a security guarantee here, and it all has to do with vulnerability. This is a great asset to have, especially with so many mod offerings on this host.

Between this and their very basic additions, you’ll find yourself comfortable setting up your game server here, and being able to appreciate all of their offerings.

Speed, Hell Yeah

It’s a rare treat to find a host like this one, and that’s why our GreenGeeks rating was such a pleasure. This site also scored a very good 9 out of 10 on our rating scale for speed.

It’s fast.

After performing that standardized speed test, we found that this host loaded up in a very brisk 1.00 seconds. That means that you’re never going to see bad lag here.

Their uptime was also very good, and the final percentage there was 99.989%. With their uptime guarantee and great times, you’re going to rarely have any issues.

Some Great Support

Their customer service score here was also a 9 out of 10, and this is all down to their excellent timing, great responses, and overall politeness in responding to our tickets.

You’ll be impressed.

Their customer service is incredibly important, because it shows how solid a host can really be with this sort of thing, even when it isn’t outright promoted on the site itself.

They don’t claim to have the best service around, but they certainly act like it. Their turnaround times were rarely more than 3 hours, and their responses were on point.

Great Links For You

Their Facebook can easily keep you in the know online:

If you need more information, their help center is all about it:

Check out their Twitter if you really want to stay quickly updated: is a Good Choice for You and Your Game Hosting

We were very impressed with, and we can only imagine that you’ll be the same. This is a web host that you can really come to count on for your servers.

It’s awesome.

Our review really did show that this is a host that can deliver great service for you and your gaming servers. Your users will thank you, and you can have a great time here.

Even their basic plans can end up stacking up, but this isn’t the only host that you should be considering. You should definitely check out our number one host,

Between our top hosts, you’ll really be able to find an option that works best for you and your gaming. You’ll quickly find something that can get you the service you need.

Have at it!

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