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This company charges premium prices for services and stats that are way below the industry standard, and well below anything you can actually use.

Slow to load and really bulky on the layout–that’s what you can immediately come way from noticing, and neither of those are compliments.

It’s not good.

Off-shore hosting can be a great option for some gaming servers, but not this one. This is a host that isn’t going to be able to give you anything but a ton of lag issues.

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With lag, you’re going to immediately be alienating a lot of users that would otherwise hop right onto your private server. This host just can’t even begin to provide.

No Good Info Ahoy

The unpleasant part of HostColorEurope hosting doesn’t just stop with slow loading times. It continues when you aren’t honestly going to know anything about this host.

That sucks.

The thing about this web host is that they clearly don’t seem to understand why it even matters that their customers know more about them and how long they’ve been a thing.

If you aren’t aware of what you’re getting into, it’s basically all going to be a giant cluster. That’s why this web host isn’t going to be able to make you feel at ease at all.

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Poor Features

Off-shore isn’t enough to make this host fancy, although it certainly thinks that’s the case. In general, they just don’t offer enough to make you put up with slow times.

It’s awful.

The thing about this web host is that you’re just not going to get enough for your money. The prices here are high, and the amount of RAM is incredibly low for that cost.

Ultimately, this will lead to impaired loading times, a whole lot of lag, and some really poor servers that no one is ever going to want to sign up for in order to game on them.

The Stand Outs

There’s nothing here that makes this host a stand out, and that’s a huge shame. Unless you’re addicted to crappy off-shore hosting, you aren’t going to find anything here.

It’s not unique.

The lack of standout is ultimately what is going to slowly kill this host and make it completely and utterly obsolete. This is why you’ve got to skip this one in the first place.

They don’t seem to have any ideas about making this particular host stand out more, which really just makes it a difficult choice for anyone that’s looking to build their server.

Horrible Pricing

The basic pricing here is just not good enough. You’ll quickly find that even for basic plans, you’re going to be paying an arm and a leg, and you need much more.

It’s not affordable.

For their most basic monthly plan, you’re going to still be paying a total of $16.95 monthly, which is really way too much for how little you’re going to end up getting here.

This is because even for shared hosting–which isn’t enough for your server, by the way–you’re just seeing prices that are well above industry standards. Watch out for that.

Security You Can’t Find Here

The thing about security is that it’s necessary, no matter what a web host says, and even if this web host just chooses not to talk about it at all, you’ve got to realize you need it.

It’s scary.

The serious lack of conversation here about security is troubling–or at least, it should be, whenever you’re looking to find this particular host your home. It’s not a good sign.

You and your users will never feel protected if you use this particular host, and that’s because they can’t even begin to talk about the basics they do to keep you safe.

Speed? Nope

Our HostColorEurope rating wouldn’t be complete without a very disappointing speed test, which is why we ended up giving them a very sad 5 out of 10 overall score.

It was that bad.

After completing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host took a total of 3.79 seconds to load up entirely, which was just beyond slow in general.

The uptime was another problem, as the final uptime percentage here was only at 98.555%. This host definitely is experiencing a whole lot of lag and downtime issues.

Terrible Support

Our tech support score here was a very poor 6 out of 10, and this all leads back to incredibly slow response times, as well as a general lack of knowledge in every way.

It’s so generic.

If you are lucky to get a reply within 20 hours after submitting your ticket, you’re probably only going to end up with a whole lot of canned, drop-down menu nonsense.

This is really not the standard that you should be looking for in customer service, and for a gaming server, you’re going to need a lot more than this to keep it going.

Missing Info Links

This host really doesn’t have good ratings here either:

There’s just nothing good to say about this host:

Forget about trying to contact this particular host: It Just Doesn’t Work for Game Hosting Online

We were very unimpressed by, and this is why you should just move on and never end up even considering this particular web host for your server needs.

It’s awful.

With this particular web host, all you should be really expecting is a whole lot of nonsense, and nothing close to a solid, reliable web hosting option for you and your server.

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