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This host just has no business trying to break into the game hosting world. None of its plans or packages have the specs that even a basic game server needs. is a web host that really is in need of some updating before it’s actually viable as an option for game server hosting. It’s incredibly laggy and behind.

That’s not a good sign.

The moment that a web host looks like it’s lagging even when you’re just trying to load its landing page is the moment that you need to really reconsider ever using it.

game hosting rating info

That’s the case here, and that’s why this is a web host that’s going to end up trying your patience. This kind of lagging isn’t going to work for you and your game server.

Background Basics

Background information? What a joke. The idea that you’ll be able to find anything useful about the Hostirian company online is really something that’s laughable.

It’s very void of that.

Because this web host is so lacking on that sort of thing, it becomes a very trying process to actually put faith in anything that this particular web host is trying to do overall.

This makes for a very awkward situation, and one that’s not exactly going to end up winning you over. You’re going in blind, and you’re not going to do be doing so smartly.

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Features to Miss

The basic features that you need for your game server hosting are just not going to be here, and that’s immediately going to end up causing a ton of problems for you.

You need more.

The thing is, you need at least a GB of RAM for you to be able to have your game hosting server function properly, and not a single one of the plans offer that.

This means that you’re already maxed out, and it’s not going to ever be able to provide you with the kind of hosting that you absolutely need in order to survive online.

The Stand Out Features

Standing out? Absolutely not. This host is incredibly generic, and honestly, the only thing that’s ever going to end up standing out here is the inability to really function.

It’s not good.

The serious lack of accessibility that comes with this particular host is a stand out for sure, but that’s obviously not going to make any positive impression. It’s just not good.

When a host is this generic, the idea that you’re ever going to be able to find any sort of positive in this is laughable. You’ll never be able to see your game server successfully work here.

Miss This Pricing

The more time that you spend looking at Hostirian hosting, the more you’re going to quickly realize that their plans are horrible, and so are their prices as a general rule.

It’s not good.

Even for their most basic monthly plan online, they’re going to end up charging you a total of $13.95 a month. This is going to really end up being a burden on your wallet.

This is because you’ll need to quickly upgrade, and you’ll also end up needing to spend more and more all the time in order to accommodate a very flippant server online.

Security Overall Here

Security should be a huge focus of every single hosting site out there, but it’s honestly not even mentioned here. This is obviously a huge flaw that needs to be remedied.

You can’t relax.

With this particular host, the idea that you can actually relax and end up having a great time here even knowing that the host itself doesn’t talk about security is quite scary.

You aren’t ever going to end up feeling comfortable here, and your users won’t be safe, either. This is something that’s going to really end up plaguing you the whole time.

Speed? Not a Chance

It’s never a complete Hostirian rating without a speed test, which was why it was such a sad day to be able to see with our own eyes that this site received a 4 out of 10.

It’s very slow.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host ended up taking a total of 5.44 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously very slow.

The final uptime of this particular host was also at a sad 98.304%, which means that you’re definitely going to be seeing some major uptime issues the whole time.

The Support Team

Our customer service score here was also very low at only a 4 out of 10, which all comes back to the seriously slow response times, and the general lack of info given.

They know nothing.

It’s important for customer service to respond promptly, and not within a solid 36 hour time frame. That’s entirely unacceptable, especially when they know nothing about servers.

This site’s tech support can’t answer any of your questions, and we can’t even say that we were that surprised. It’s just disappointing, which is about all that you’ll get.

Horrid News

If you’re looking for anything about this site, you’ll find it here, unfortunately:

This page’s support is going to not give you a dang thing:

With their glossary, you still won’t end up on top of things: Missing Out on the Basics of Game Hosting

We found ourselves pretty disappointed with, and that’s not really something that was a surprise. This is a web host that isn’t meant to be a game hosting server.

Skip it.

Rather than waste your time with this particular host, you should be checking out our number one instead, It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that.

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