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The prices here are absolutely staggering - and that's not in a good way. The packages here are bare-boned, and completely incapable of hosting a game server.

This site might have a kind of cute name, but it also has some of the worst lag times that we’ve seen in a while. With, the latency is a serious issue.

It’s horrible.

When it comes to a point that actually trying to load up even the front page of the site is a chore, that means that you’re really not going to end up with anything close to good.

game hosting rating info

This site has so many issues surrounding that kind of thing that the idea of trying to have a game server here is a joke at best, and something that should never really happen.

Background Missing

Overall, the background information that you’re going to find about the Hostuspocus company is going to end up being very sparse. There’s just not very much.

That’s not good.

Web hosting is one of those things that you really don’t want to end up going in blind on, but sadly, that’s what’s really going to end up happening with this particular host.

Mostly, you’re going to find yourself really hitting a brick wall in terms of quality because of it. How long has this host been around, for example? There’s no way that you’ll know.

Hostuspocus screen overlay

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Features to Totally Miss

The thing about the Hostuspocus hosting service is that you’re really going to be limited from the very beginning. This host has very limited options when it comes to RAM.

It sucks.

It’s not just RAM that you’re going to end up seeing very limited–and we’re talking limited in the way of only megabytes, not gigabytes. It’s also mods that you can use.

Most of the mods that people are going to want to throw onto their gaming servers aren’t going to be a thing, and that’s why this host is going to really be a pain.

Nothing Unique at All

If you’re looking only for a whole lot of generic nothing, boy have you found your web host. This is a site that’s very ill-equipped for most basic, up to date services online.

You’ll hate it.

The thing about a web host is that it really does need to have at least something special about it in order to sell, but this host just doesn’t even try to go for that at all.

Instead, you’re going to mostly find yourself floundering this is a web host that just can’t even begin to compete with the general market that’s out there on the Internet.

Horrible Prices

With this host, it’s a miracle that more people haven’t just jumped off a cliff looking at their horrible pricing. It’s even worse when you consider the page rarely loads.

It’s just sad.

Even the most basic plans on this particular web host are going to end up costing you a total of $25.75 monthly, which is absolutely ridiculous for how little you’re going to get.

This site isn’t just laggy–its almost inaccessible at times, so for them to keep charging those kinds of prices is really going to end up driving them down to the bottom.

Security in General

Security should be a big deal with any web host online, but it’s just not going to be that big of a deal here. In fact, there’s not a single page that’s even dedicated to that.

You’ll hate it.

When a web host just doesn’t even post a single bit about the kind of security measures that they have in place for you, that’s when you need to really back up and move on.

This is a host that does exactly that, and with those issues, you’re just never going to end up feeling comfortable or happy when it comes to making this host work.

Speed…or Not

Our Hostuspocus rating wouldn’t be complete without properly scoring the speed here, and sadly, it wasn’t anywhere near up to par. The final rating was only a 3 out of 10.

It was no good.

After completing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host took a total of 7.99 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously incredibly slow.

The final uptime score for this site was also horrible, and the percentage that we found was only at 97.301%. This is really deplorable, and the downtime is extreme.

Some Terrible Support

Because of how bad the customer service score was here, we had no choice but to give this site a 2 out of 10 overall. It’s just horrible, and it’s not going to work for you.

They know nothing.

With a web host like this one, you can only really expect to see results if you’re absolutely digging for them…haha, just kidding! There’s no way you’ll get a real response.

If you do get one, you’re going to need to wait close to 5 days for it. That’s how bad the service is here, and obviously, that’s just not anywhere close to good enough.

Bad, Bad News

Their Facebook is just not going to give you what you want:

Trying to find anything good about them here is laughable:

This forum isn’t going to give you anything else that you want: Skip for Game Hosting Overall

We were very unimpressed with, and we can only imagine that anyone else that’s sane would feel the exact same way. This is just a horrible web host.

It can’t deliver.

Because this web host is so horrible, there’s no way that you can ever imagine to get some good results. It’s so unreliable that it’s basically just a joke to everyone online.

Instead, you should really be focusing on our number one web hosting site online, It really does work, and we’ve proven that time and time again.

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