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With all the unplanned maintenance they throw at you here, you'd think that their servers would function better. But no, awful latency abounds.

This is one host that is going to be very difficult for you to use in general, and it’s because has a ton of unannounced maintenance. In fact, it has that most of the time.

That’s scary.

The thing about a web host is that it needs to really be dependable. This host isn’t anywhere close to that, and that’s something that becomes increasingly obvious.

game hosting rating info

Mostly you’re going to find that it doesn’t even stand a chance at having a solid reputation, and that’s because in general, it’s just going to end up being slow, laggy, and unreliable.

Background Info to Find

The idea that you’ll find anything useful about the jmzHosting company is laughable at best, and that’s because this host just posts next to nothing about itself.

That’s less than good.

When it comes to web hosting, you need that little bit of background information in order to feel secure about the kind of hosting that you’re going to get yourself into.

jmzHosting overlay screen

Get your game where it needs to go with our top game hosting sites . They’re tried and tested to be legit.

This host isn’t going to give you any of that. You aren’t even going to know how long this host has been around, which is really telling about how much they care about you.

Features? No!

The more time that you spend focusing on the jmzHosting hosting options, the more you’re going to quickly come to the conclusion that it’s just not suited for servers.

You won’t get enough.

Because this web host is just severely limiting you in terms of RAM, you’re going to end up having a hard time having anything other than a very personal gaming server.

That means just you, by the way. Inviting your friends is going to quickly result in lag, and not much of anything else. You’ll really end up bogged down from the very start.

Something Unique

A gimmick can really be a blessing for a web host that’s otherwise very run down and generic, and sadly, that’s what this host needs if it ever wants to stand out online.

It just won’t.

Because this web host is so limited, there’s not much of a change that you’re going to end up finding anything that helps you stand out as a game server online here.

None of their features will help promote you, which says a whole lot about what you’re getting into. Basically, it just can’t even begin to give you the kind of stand outs you need.

Pricing Nahs

With this host, you really are just going to have to end up laughing at the prices. That’s the only thing that’s going to keep you sane when you see how bad it really is.

Forget about it.

Even the most basic plans on this particular host are going to end up costing you a total of $17.99 monthly, which is absolutely ridiculous when you look at what you’re getting.

That’s to say: you aren’t getting much. In fact, you’re getting barely anything at all, and that means that you’re really going to end up stressing out over how to upgrade.

Security Nopes

Security should definitely be a focus whenever you’re using web hosting in any way, but that’s never going to end up being the case if you’re using this particular host.

It’s never even mentioned.

The thing about this host is that the idea of actually getting a good chance at security is nonexistent. You’re going to be building your server entirely unprotected.

That’s not going to be good enough for you or for your users, and that’s going to make you feel constantly insecure. You’d think they could at least tackle the basics here.

Sad Speed

Our jmzHosting rating wouldn’t be complete without a total and complete speed test, which is what ended up resulting in the final speed rating of only 2 out of 10 overall.

It was dreadful.

After completing that particular standardized speed test, we found that this site took a total of 8.27 seconds to load up entirely, which was incredibly slow and horrible.

This site also has uptime problems, and that showed its face in the fact that the uptime percentage here was only at 97.105%. This means some serious downtime ahead.

Lacking Support

If you’re looking for good tech support, it’s not going to end up being here. This site ended up scoring only a 3 out of 10 on our rating scale, and it really didn’t deserve more.

It’s horrible.

You’re looking at close to 4 day turnaround time on any tickets that you submit, and that’s the absolute only way that you have to contact staff, even if it’s unreliable.

You’re going to also be lucky if you actually end up getting anything other than a canned response from them. This is really just par for the course, and very, very annoying.

What News?

This site’s status is really rarely updated overall:

Watch out for their Twitter and their serious lack of updates:

With this client area, you really don’t even stand a single chance: Forget This Game Hosting Option

We were really not happy about, and there’s no way that anyone ever could be. This is a really horrible site with poor service and terrible lag times overall.

It doesn’t work.

Because this is a web host that just can’t even begin to come close to great speeds, that means that your server is going to end up suffering because of that as well.

Your best option is to move onto our number one host instead, It can actually perform as a great game hosting site, and give you a great experience.

Give it a shot. You’ll really be able to see a difference, and it’ll work out amazingly for you.

Go on!

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