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This place isn't just for WordPress; it can handle your gaming needs with ease, and keep your data secure in the process. That kind of security just can't be beat.

Premium service is the name of the game with, and that’s why this is a web host that can definitely end up making your server the cream of the crop.

It’s excellent.

This is a web host that might have a lot of basis in the world of WordPress, but what that translates to you is the fact that they are very, very strong when it comes to security.

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Scripts have a number of the same vulnerabilities that servers do, and this means if you’re building a gaming server out of this particular host, you can count on being safe.

Facts You Want

If you’re looking for more MediaTemple info, you’re going to have an easy time of finding it. This site has an ‘about us’ page linked right there on the front page of the site.

You can relax now.

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This host has been around since 1998, but you’d never know it. That’s a compliment, by the way, because this host looks like it was literally made yesterday.

This site is so up to date, and with that amount of longevity, you’ll be able to really wipe sweat from your brow and know that you’re up to date on your servers, too.

Very Nice Packages

The packages on offer here are outstanding, and that’s what you can really come to expect when it comes to premium web hosting. This site also is very good for off-shore hosting.

They’re all about you.

With high RAM numbers and easy upgrading, this host takes itself very seriously in the world of actually making sure that you’ve got all the RAM that your server needs.

They also serve over 100 countries, and that’s a point that you should really consider if you’re looking for a web host that can end up cutting down on lag time online.

A Good Stand Out

The number of different hosting plans that are on offer here is out standing. That’s because MediaTemple hosting is very much focused on giving you a lot of options.

You can pick and choose.

This web host wants you to be able to build the server of your dreams. They want you to also be able to start at the most basic, and build up from there to get the perfect fit.

While a lot of sites can end up offering customization on this level, this host takes it to another point when they mention their fully dedicated servers. You can make a dream gaming server easily.

Great Prices

When hunting around for a web host, affordability should be a huge part of it, and that’s exactly what you’re going to be able to get when it comes to this particular one.

It’s very good.

Their most basic monthly plan is going to end up only costing you a total of $20.00, and while that might seem pricey, remember how premium their services are.

You’re not going to get a yearly discount here, either, but you don’t need it when you consider you’d be paying much more for the same stuff at just about any other host.

Some Nice Security

Because this particular hosts also deals in a number of scripts, you’re going to find it very ideal for you and your new gaming server. It takes security very seriously.

That’s a stand out.

This site is very serious about making sure that no DDOS attacks get through, and even if they do, they’re quick to handle them and make sure they don’t happen again.

This site is also all about making sure to cover vulnerabilities, and offers a full control panel for you to be able to tweak your security settings as need be. That’s awesome.

Awesome Speed

Our MediaTemple rating wouldn’t be complete without a speed test, and it was definitely a treat for everyone. This particular host scored a 9 out of 10 on our scale.

That was great.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this site only took a total of 1.05 seconds to load up entirely, which was extremely fast no matter how you look at it.

This site also has awesome uptime, as the final uptime score that we found was at 99.985%. This means that you’re rarely going to end up seeing any issues with this site.

Tech Support That Works

Our customer service score was a 8 out of 10, and this means that they were very fast, very reliable, and certainly ready to tackle any and all of our questions online.

They deliver.

If you’ve got a lot of questions to ask, you can really trust in the techs with this particular host to give you a straight answer, and to help you out extremely quickly.

That’s a huge plus, especially if you’re a newbie. Expect answers within only about 5 hours, and that means that you can basically solve your problems before anyone notices.

Excellent Links For You

Their account interface is incredibly easy for anyone to use:

Their Twitter does a great job of keeping you on the up and up:

Check out this wiki if you want even more information about them: is a Really Great Choice When it Comes to Game Hosting Online

We were incredibly impressed by, and we can only imagine that you’ll love it, too. This is a web host that keeps on trucking.

It’s elite.

This isn’t the only web host that can end up giving you some fantastic service, however. Check out our number one web host,, and you’ll also see what it can do for you!

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