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You're not getting any information out of them on what they do to ensure their servers' security, but why should you even bother with speeds and service this bad?

You’ll immediately notice the awful, horrible loading times of, which isn’t something that has anything to do with Internet connection or the layout on the site.

It’s just slow.

Because this web host is incredibly slow, that’s not going to end up boding well for your gaming server. In fact, it’s just going to end up being a nightmare the whole time.

game hosting rating info

The moment that a host’s landing page ends up being a lagging nightmare is the moment that you back up and realize that you might not be messing with the best choice.

Terrible Background

More Netsons company information? Heck no. You’re not going to find anything like that here, and that’s going to really be a red flag that they aren’t looking out for you.

That sucks.

The moment that a web host just chooses not to even have a simple ‘about us’ page on their front page is the moment that you realize they aren’t really focused on customers.

This is a huge turning point when it comes to hunting down great hosts, because without good amounts of background info, you’re basically going to be going in blind.

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Gross Features

You really need quite a bit of RAM in order to run a solid gaming server, and without it, you’re just going to be struggling. Sadly, with Netsons hosting, that’s all you can expect.

It’s awful.

This web host doesn’t have any server offerings that are beyond their shared hosting plans, which only offer 512MB of RAM. This is going to be severely limiting.

This already is going to put a damper on a lot of plans that you’ll have, especially if you try to upgrade. That’s extremely expensive, and very, very stressful for you as a server owner.

It Doesn’t Stand Out

When this host just can’t even try to do anything beyond the most generic of generic tasks, that’s a sign that it’s probably not going to be right for your gaming needs.

You need more.

This host thinks that it’s pretty fancy to have domain names on offer, which isn’t going to help you and your server out at all. They don’t seem to really understand the industry.

This means that you’re just going to be spinning your wheels and wasting your time with this web host, which is obviously not the ideal at all. Skip that, and move on.

Bad Prices Here

The idea of finding something affordable with this host is a pipe dream, and that’s because it all comes down to the idea of actually finding something that can provide what you need.

It’s not here.

Their most basic monthly plan is going to really end up setting you back, because it’s still at $9.95 monthly for very minimal RAM and certainly not enough to get your site going.

You need more than shared hosting an a very sparse amount of ram to get your game server going, but that’s not going to be something this host provides without a hefty price.

Security That Isn’t Enough

When security is really not a conversation that ends up happening on this site, that’s something that you do need to worry about. This site just doesn’t even have a page about it.

That sucks.

Because this host doesn’t talk about security in the slightest, you should immediately be on guard, and obviously, never even begin to assume you get the basics.

You probably aren’t going to get them, and you’re probably going to end up vulnerable to all kinds of hackers and DDOS attacks. That’s going to be scary for you.

Speed You Need More Of

Our Netsons rating was a disappointment, and that continued upon completing our speed test. The final result that we were able to give this particular host was a 5 out of 10.

It was no good.

After completing that standardized speed test, we found that this site took a total of 4.20 seconds to load up entirely, which was well below average and quite slow overall.

The uptime was another issue as well, and the final percentage there was at 98.402%. This host definitely needs to work on that if they want to be considered reliable.

What Support?

The customer service score that we were able to give this host was only a 5 out of 10, and this ultimately comes down to the sheer lack of support that we really found.

It’s awful.

This host only has tickets available on this site, and that means that you’re going to be waiting close to 24 hours to actually even get them to read them, let alone respond.

When they do respond, you’ll be lucky to see if they actually give you a response that isn’t just from a drop down menu. That means that their responses are NOT knowledgeable.

Bad News Ahoy

Their Twitter definitely isn’t updated as much as it should be:

This site just can’t keep up with anything:

This site definitely shows how bad this host can be for you: Game Hosting That Just Doesn’t Deliver isn’t anywhere close to suitable as a hosting site, and that means that for your game server hosting, you’re really going to need to start looking elsewhere.

Forget this one.

This site is really just not up to par, and that’s why you should be checking out our number one web host instead, It can really end up hitting the mark.

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