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This host is mind-bogglingly outdated - not a single one of their packages is capable of supporting a game server, and the prices are astronomical. literally looks like it was pulled out of the late 1990s and ended up stuck back onto the Internet. It’s really that bad, and really that outdated.

It’s shocking.

The thing about web hosts is that they really do need to stay on top of things, or they’re just going to end up fading into useless obscurity. That’s exactly the case here.

game hosting rating info

This host definitely doesn’t try to stay updated, and that means that your attempts to actually make a game server work here are going to be completely moot.

Background Basics Here

It would be really nice to find more information about the NetworxHosting company, but they don’t even have a single ‘about us’ page, and that’s where it ends.

There’s nothing.

This host is so outdated that even finding them on social media is a chore, so we’re not sure what we expected when we found that we couldn’t get even a single tidbit.

There’s no way that you’ll be able to be on the up and up here, and we can’t say that we’re surprised. You’ll just be going in blind, which is really not a good feeling at all.

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Basic Feature Fail

With the NetworxHosting hosting service, you’re going to really find yourself struggling. That’s because this host just doesn’t have any sort of a concept of the basics.

It’s all below average.

Below average isn’t enough for a game server host, and that’s all that you’re ever going to end up seeing here. Not a single plan meets the minimum amount of RAM.

Because of this, no amount of spending and upgrading is going to end up giving you what you want, and that’s going to end up being an incredible difficult sell overall.

Something Unique?

This host is generic, and there’s no other nice way to say that. There’s nothing here that’s going to end up giving you the celebration of quality that you really do need.

It’s dreadful.

Because this is a web host that doesn’t even come close to giving you solid quality, you’re basically just going to end up running into a brick wall with every single upgrade.

You’ll never find anything unique here, either. They rely very strongly on just giving you the most boring basics you can find, and that’s not enough to build a game server.

Server Pricing, Failing

The idea that you’re going to be able to get a smart, affordable deal with this particular host is laughable at best, especially when you look at the options outright.

It’s shocking.

Even the most basic plans that you can end up finding with this hosting site are going to end up costing you a total of $18.99 monthly, which is really just not good at all.

This, combined with the fact that you’re only getting shared hosting, minimum RAM, and a whole slew of limiting options, means that you’re just wasting your time.

Security That Doesn’t Work

No security is a huge problem, and that’s something that this host is absolutely going to end up suffering from. They don’t even begin to discuss it on any page of their site.

That’s scary.

The thing is, a web host really does need to be upfront about the kind of hosting that they have on offer, but this host just doesn’t even try to discuss that sort of thing.

They’re basically expecting you to trust them, which is obviously not going to end up happening. You can’t trust any kind of a game server with limited security, obviously.

Speed That Sucks

Our NetworxHosting rating wouldn’t be complete without our speed testing, which was why we were not at all surprised when we were able to give it a sad 1 out of 10.

It was horrible.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host took a total of 9.26 seconds to load up entirely, which was just absolutely pathetic.

This site also has serious uptime issues, and the final uptime percentage that we found was only at 97.003%. This means that you’re really going to see some downtime.

Terrible Support

Tech support is important, but apparently, not to this site. That’s why they ended up with only a 1 out of 10 score on our rating scale–and believe us, they deserved it.

It was really that bad.

Their customer support, if they get back to you, takes up to a week. They also refuse to really do anything but tickets, so just outright ignore that number on the site.

You can also assume that they aren’t going to answer questions about downtime. That’s pretty typical, we have to say, but it’s not exactly something we end up finding endearing.

No Real News

Contacting them is really just going to be one big headache:

If you want more information, this site is just kind of sparse:

With this page, you’re never going to end up hitting the mark: A Terrible Game Hosting Site Option the Whole Time

We were really not happy with, and there’s no way that you ever could be. This is just a very sorry excuse of a hosting site that won’t work for you.

Skip it.

If you have a hosting site that is as unreliable as this one, there’s really nothing that you can do except move on, and forget that you ever even tried to look at this one.

Skip it, and check out our number one host instead, It absolutely can give you everything that you want, and our results have proved it.

Have at it!

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