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Almost all of their packages are completely incapable of supporting a gaming server, and for that price, can you really justify wasting your time here?

With, you can really see how little thought was actually put into this site. It’s pretty shocking that this host is still up and running, considering the lack of effort.

It’s very dated.

The thing about this web host is that it’s definitely extremely dated, and that’s going to show through and through. This is a host that doesn’t even try to keep up.

game hosting rating info

This means that if you’re trying to make a gaming server actually work here, you’re going to really be out of luck. It’s just not going to happen with a lack of updates.

Background Info You Need

Background info is cool and hip, or so we think, but this particular host really isn’t interested in sharing. If you don’t know anything about the Postcy company, don’t be surprised.

We don’t know anything, either.

Because this host is so surprisingly close-mouthed about absolutely every single part of itself, you’re going to really be hard-pressed to find much of anything that can guide you.

screen Postcy overlay

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You won’t know how long this host has been around, what kind of updates it has, the kinds of servers you can expect…nothing. That’s just not a good start for anyone.

Feature Fails

With this particular host, it’s going to be very difficult to justify the idea that any of the features offered here will aid you in your quest. The Postcy hosting service just isn’t enough.

It’s too basic.

You’re looking at upgrades of 256MB of RAM at the absolute maximum, which is going to end up critically limiting you as a user online. Your game server is going to suffer.

The thing is, you’re also not going to be able to run any kind of mods on that setup. You’re going to have to kiss a ton of customization good bye with this host online.

Standing Out

The stand outs of this host seem to be focused on domain name hosting, which is obviously the opposite of the kind of setup that you’re going to end up looking for.

It’s just crap.

When a web host focuses and celebrates over something that generic and basic, you know that nothing else bout them is going to end up being enough for your site.

Your server is just going to end up failing here because you can’t end up building it up the way that you want. That’s the end of it, plain and simple, and it’s just not good.

Server Pricing That Bombs

Looking around at the prices on this particular hosting site isn’t going to be an enjoyable task. That’s because all of them are way too high for the industry standard.

It’s horrible.

Even the most basic plans that you can end up finding on this site are going to end up costing you a total of $12.99 monthly, which is really too high for what you’re getting.

The thing is, you’re only going to end up having shared hosting options with this host. That’s not going to be enough for most larger scale game server hosting options.

Security in General

Another huge problem with this particular host is the serious lack of attention paid to security. It’s not discussed even once on this particular host, which really isn’t good.

You’ll be on edge.

The thing about web hosting is that you do need to be safe, especially if you’ve got other people using your services. A game server is going to really have that in spades.

With this host, it’s just something that’s never going to be addressed, which means that you’re literally just throwing yourself to the wind and hoping for the best.

Speed That Doesn’t Work At All

Our Postcy rating was not only disappointing, but it was also predictable, unfortunately enough. This all led to our very sad 2 out of 10 speed rating on our scale.

It sucked.

After performing a standardized speed test with this particular host, we found that it took a total of 8.95 seconds to load up entirely, which was absolutely horrible on every level.

The uptime was no good either, and the final percentage that we found at only at 97.059%. You’re going to really end up seeing a ton of uptime issues with this particular host.

Bad Support

With a customer service score of only 2 out of 10, we definitely ended up seeing a ton of issues with this host. Most of it has to do with rarely answered online tickets.

That’s just sad.

Why even bother having a ticketing system if they aren’t going to end up being answered? Their customer support system is so slack and sad that there’s no way to use it.

This means that you’re going to be talking into thin air most of the time, which obviously isn’t acceptable if you’re trying to build a game server online that works.

No Real Links

Look out for this particular Facebook and how little it can do for you:

Their data center isn’t going to be able to help you out in the slightest:

Their LinkedIn isn’t going to give you any new information at all: Failing Game Hosting Ahoy

The more that you poke around, the worse it becomes. This is really a web host that you can do without, and we’re very sure of that without a single doubt.

Forget about it.

Because this is such an unreliable host, there’s no real chance that you’re ever going to end up seeing any kind of improvement. It’s just really that bad to the absolute core.

Instead, make sure to check out our number one web host online, It really can deliver, and we’ve proven that without any doubts for you.

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