Just Won’t Compete in the Market of Game Hosting

This site might have a kind of cute name, but it also has some of the worst lag times that we’ve seen in a while. With, the latency is a serious issue. It’s horrible. When it comes to a point that actually trying to load up even the front page of the site is a chore, that means that you’re really not going to end up with anything close to good. This site has so many issues surrounding that kind of thing that the idea of trying to have a game server here is a joke at best, and something that should never really happen. Background Missing Overall, the background information that you’re going to find about the Hostuspocus company is going to end up being very sparse. There’s just not very much. That’s not good. Web hosting is one of those things that you really don’t want to end up going in blind on, but sadly, that’s what’s really going to end up happening with this particular host. Mostly, you’re going to find yourself really hitting a brick wall in terms of quality because of it. How long has this host been around, for example? There’s no way that you’ll know. Features to Totally Miss The thing about…

Our Top 5

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Our Top-Rated Game Hosts

#1 Host: GlowHost
#2 Host: InMotionHosting
#3 Host: GreenGeeks
#4 Host: MediaTemple
#5 Host: HostGator


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