For Game Hosting, Just Can’t Hit the Mark At All literally looks like it was pulled out of the late 1990s and ended up stuck back onto the Internet. It’s really that bad, and really that outdated. It’s shocking. The thing about web hosts is that they really do need to stay on top of things, or they’re just going to end up fading into useless obscurity. That’s exactly the case here. This host definitely doesn’t try to stay updated, and that means that your attempts to actually make a game server work here are going to be completely moot. Background Basics Here It would be really nice to find more information about the NetworxHosting company, but they don’t even have a single ‘about us’ page, and that’s where it ends. There’s nothing. This host is so outdated that even finding them on social media is a chore, so we’re not sure what we expected when we found that we couldn’t get even a single tidbit. There’s no way that you’ll be able to be on the up and up here, and we can’t say that we’re surprised. You’ll just be going in blind, which is really not a good feeling at all. Basic Feature Fail With the NetworxHosting hosting service, you’re going to really find yourself struggling. That’s…

Our Top 5

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Our Top-Rated Game Hosts

#1 Host: GlowHost
#2 Host: InMotionHosting
#3 Host: GreenGeeks
#4 Host: MediaTemple
#5 Host: HostGator


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