How to Admin a Gaming Server Without Pulling Out Your Hair

Administrating a server is hard work, and it’s often a very thankless job. You’re going to end up feeling frustrated quite often, but you can really end up minimizing this.

You can handle it.

Management might not be your strong suit, but it needs to eventually be if you’re going to learn how to admin a gaming server properly. You don’t want to end up failing at this.

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It’s not just your game that’s going to end up being on the line here; it’s the tech specs of your server, the success of it, and how well you can actually end up playing on it.

Depending on who is using it with you, you might also end up hitting a brick wall with your friends and customers if you can’t actually end up handling the game properly.

You Obviously Need to Know How to Handle Your Game Server Before Anything Else. Here’s How to Do It.

You aren’t ever going to end up getting the pat on the back that you’re so sure that you deserve from your administrative duties, but you still have to keep trucking on.

That’s what you’ve got to remember above all else whenever you’re managing your server, because remember, it’s going to end up being much more enjoyable this way.

If you actually know how to manage it properly, you’re going to really end up seeing a ton of success. Your customers are really going to end up appreciating it, too.

You need some planning.

The first step to any game admin strategy is planning. This might sound like a lot of common sense, but there are a ton of people that just try to go in blind in this way.

By taking the time to actually plan out your tasks for the day, or even for the week, you’re going to end up finding that it’s much easier to keep up on maintenance.

The same goes for making sure that you just plain don’t get overloaded. You’ll quickly be able to accomplish some tasks at a faster rate, and you’ll see much more success.

You won’t want to throw it into a lake.

Planning is incredibly important for a server admin because let’s be real, here: if you don’t keep up on all of the tasks that are in front of you, it’s going to quickly be overwhelming.

There are a lot of ways that you need to maintain your server, and it’s all going to end up varying depending on the size and the kind of games that you’re playing on it.

If you’ve got a lot of work that you end up leaving until the last minute, it’s going to threaten a lot of server crashes, and it’s basically just going to end up being a hot mess.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

One of the most important gaming admin tips that we can end up giving you is the fact that you really don’t need to sweat all of the small stuff that keeps coming up.

Obviously, you can end up seeing how there are a lot of small things that keep popping up on occasion whenever you’re running a server on your own…but that’s okay.

Focus on the big picture, and the big issues along with that. Small issues like fights amongst other users will usually end up blowing over themselves. That’s not your job.

Don’t micromanage.


Because you aren’t going to sweat the small stuff, you are also not going to end up micromanaging. If you try to do this, you’ll just end up pulling out your hair as time goes on.

You’re an admin, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do every single nitty gritty task. You can always end up delegating other tasks to other users on the server.

By doing this, you’re basically giving away some of your power…but if you can trust in your other admins, then that’s something that can end up making your job easier.

Delegate a few things.

Because the idea of delegating is a good one, let’s continue on that train of thought. You’ll really appreciate the idea of letting someone else deal with more annoying things, right?

If you’ve got an admin that specifically deals with customer complaints, for example, that’s going to end up taking a huge load off your back, and make you relax.

You’ll be able to actually get more things done by having them work on a few things that you don’t want to. That’ll be something that can make your life much easier.

You make the rules.

At the end of the day, it’s your server, and it’s your rules. You can end up changing them at any time, but it’s best to just set them and go with it as time goes on.

You’ll really be able to see a difference if you manage by these rules. Everything will fall into place, and you’ll be able to fall into habits that work best for your server.

You’ll really see a difference once you relax into the rule of being an admin. Be chill, be cool, and actually have fun. That’s what your server is supposed to be all about.

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