Essential Strategies For Attracting New Players to Join Your Gaming Server

A server can end up getting pretty lonely if it’s just you and your friends. You can end up bored out of your mind, and you can also end up losing a lot of money this way.

You can always bring in new blood.

There’s no point in having an amazing server if you can’t put it to full use, and that’s why great dedicated gaming servers often end up expanding to letting other people online.

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There are a lot of ways that you can end up recruiting these kinds of people, and you can be either pretty picky, or just into accepting their money and running with it.

Whatever you choose, you need to know the best ways to make it happen. Our guide is going to help you every single step of the way, and you’ll be more than prepared.

With the Right Information, You Can Actually Build a Great Community on Your Server. Here’s How.

New and talented blood is always a pleasure to play against. You can end up attracting that with ease, or you can end up just finding more people to share with.

The more work that you put into inviting new blood, the better off you’re going to be. You can quickly see that there are a number of ways to actually get into inviting new people.

Bringing more people to your personal server is actually pretty easy. There’s an allure to a private gaming server for sure, and more and more people want to find an affordable one.

Join communities.

If you’re playing a game that has a number of communities online, then it’s time to start joining them and chatting up people that are into the game on the same level you are.

You can end up recruiting more people to join your server this way. Chat them up, and invite them with a list of all of the amenities that your server is going to offer.

Obviously, it’s up to you to pick and choose how you want to do this. Are you going to be charging, or are you going to just hunt for more people to end up playing with?

Don’t spam.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to end up just spamming forums about your awesome private Minecraft servers. That’s just going to end up annoying people online.

People aren’t going to end up joining your server if you’re just plain annoying about it. Do it in respectable amounts, and make it actually seem appealing to people.

If you come off as desperate, you’re also probably going to end up coming off as a spam bot. Obviously, that’s not the kind of ideal that you’re going to want to strive towards.

Don’t just accept anyone.

Curious Man

We understand being desperate for more people, but you obviously don’t want to end up accepting just anyone to join up the server that you’ve so carefully crafted.

Unless you’re legitimately just selling space to play on your new, sparkly Pro Counter Strike servers, you don’t want to end up just letting a random person join up.

Consider the idea of having certain player stipulations, classes that you’re looking for, or number of years that they’ve actually been playing before you let them join.

You don’t want trolls.

Carefully screen and make sure that you aren’t letting a few known trolls join up on your website. If that happens, you can really end up backing yourself into a corner.

It can end up being a disaster, because ultimately, you have to remember that you are letting these people onto your personal server. This can end up being very stressful.

If you don’t screen properly, you’re basically going to leave yourself open to a ton of issues and situations that aren’t going to be easily resolved. You can’t always block people.

Don’t let them abuse anything.

If you’re bringing more people onto your server, they need to know the rules. Before you end up letting them have full access, make sure that they’ve read them.

It’s best to put together a new member packet and send that along with any of the login informations. If you are feeling very critical, you can always end up quizzing them.

By doing this, you’re basically insuring that you’re picking a good crowd for you and your game. Don’t let yourself be limited by a bunch of horrible people on the Internet.

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