How to Manage an Attack on Your Server, and Pick Up the Pieces

Online gaming is absolutely a stomping ground for trolls. There’s no way around this, because there are a lot of people online that just want to flex their muscles like they can’t in real life.

You need to be protected.

Obviously, you want to focus way more on how to prevent server attacks than actually picking up after a disaster happens…but sometimes, it’s just going to happen.

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If that’s the case, then you do need to know how to damage control once it’s happened. You need to make sure that you and your users are going to be safe online.

By knowing how to handle this, you’re going to be able to relax a lot more whenever you’re using your server. You’re also just going to be able to feel much more at ease.

With the Right Techniques, You Can Pick Up After a Disaster Easily. Here’s How.

There are a lot of ways to minimize the damage of a server attack and to make sure that you’re picking up the pieces adequately. You just need to go into the situation knowing that.

No matter how safe and sound you think that your server is, something always can potentially happen. It’s not fun and it’s not good to think about, but it can still happen.

That’s why being prepared and being aware of these risks are just as important as keeping yourself safe in the first place. It’s really going to end up making a difference.

Step up your security.

Obviously, once you’ve had a server attack happen once, you’re going to want to end up stepping up your security. This is the best way to end up managing server attacks.

You probably think that you’ve already got the best security in place that you could ever have, but chances are, you’ve still got a few things that you can end up tweaking.

By doing this, you’re going to at least keep yourself more protected until the hackers are losing interest. They will get bored of trying to get past this extra protection.

Go whitelist-only.

If you’ve recently had a sever attack, it might be a good idea to consider going onto a whitelisted-only IP list for awhile. You might lose some drop-in friends, however.

This is a great tactic if you’ve continuously had a few server attacks that just don’t seem to stop. You will be able to protect yourself very thoroughly with this in mind.

Basically, you just want to be able to cover your butt in every single fashion, and this way will do it. If you’re still getting attacks…well, it’s actually narrowed down to one of your friends.

Always backup.

The best way to absolutely protect yourself? Backups. If you have backups of your server, you can always end up doing a data restore, and you’ll end up right where you started.

This probably sounds painfully like common sense, and you’re probably thinking why wouldn’t anyone do that? The answer is that most people don’t even think about it.

If people do think about it, they just scoff and say that they’ll do it later…but then it’s too late. You really need to stay on top of keeping backups of your server online.

Don’t just do one.

It’s tempting to just do one backup and then be done with it. That’s just not going to end up being enough to keep you and your server thoroughly protected from hackers.

You need to set a very firm schedule, and that’s going to end up helping you out more than you could ever believe. You’ll actually be able to rest assured that you’re protected.

You’ll know that no matter what happens, you’ll have an extra copy of your server sitting around. Your customers will thank you, and you will be able to wipe some sweat from your brow.

Don’t stress out.

Man with Headache

It’s very tempting to overcompensate whenever you end up having your server attacked for the first time, but basically, you just need to step up security and move on.

If a hacker is going to try and get back to your server at this point, you just need to accept that they’ve got a vendetta, and you will be dealing with it for some time in the future.

If that’s the case, just rejoice that you have a much more fruitful life than this person. That’s all you can really end up doing, and you can just keep on having fun.

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