Why Your Personal Servers Are Helping Your Favorite Game Companies Out

Personal servers aren’t just for you and your amazing game. They’re also helping out your favorite game companies out in ways that you probably haven’t come close to thinking about.

It’s awesome, actually.

Back in the day, it was kind of frowned upon to end up on a privately-moderated server for you and your game. It was basically elitist, and it wasn’t all that embraced.

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The community has changed, and the companies understand now that in order to optimize game performance, a private server is sometimes going to end up being necessary.

If you’re a hardcore gamer that’s really looking to expand in the way that you’re completing your games, then you’re going to need a server like this…and the companies know that.

You No Longer Have to Shy Away from Being Able to Use a Personal Server, and Here’s Why.

Privately-moderated servers used to be considered the problem children due to the difficulties surrounding them, that’s true. Fortunately, times have really changed.

This means that instead of having all the issues of before, you’re dealing with a very easily handled private server that can end up making your whole situation better.

You’ll be able to play your games smartly and without hitches, and you’ll actually be able to enjoy yourself even more. The companies putting out your favorite games realize this.

It’s much easier now.

One of the most important things to realize nowadays is that the main problem back in the day had to do with pushing updates and patches through to private servers.

This is no longer an issue. They go through seamlessly courtesy of the company’s cooperation and utilizing their own technology to really work with private servers.

Market changes have made this really accessible to just about anyone, and the companies out there putting out your games want you to end up playing them even more.

It takes the load off.

Another reason why game companies love private servers these days is the fact that they actually take a huge load off of the company’s own personal casual servers.

This also ends up taking a huge load off of their budget. Imagine that all of the really hardcore gamers out there are taking the time to get their own private servers.

This obviously is going to make a huge difference for the companies, and make it very easy for them to relax on their resources a bit when it comes to their game server load.

Your hosting bill is more standardized.

Because a lot of game companies really do understand the need for a great private server market, this has made a lot more private servers show up on the Internet.

This makes your bill more standardized, and not so through the roof. Years ago, you would be paying some seriously premium prices, but that’s just not the case anymore.

All in all, it’s a much more stable market for everyone, and this is definitely shown through prices and performance alike. It also goes onto fix another huge, major issue.

Lag is down.

Angry Gamer

Private servers fix game server lag in a number of ways, and again, it all comes down to the fact that you aren’t putting so much of a drag on the main company’s servers.

You’re basically taking all the heavy duty people that are playing nonstop and with huge groups to another private server, and that makes the company much, much happier.

If you’ve got someone that’s a very serious contender, obviously they aren’t going to want to waste their time with a ton of casual players. It makes a huge difference.

It can keep games alive.

Sometimes, it’s private only servers that are actually keeping the games alive on the market. Believe it or not, plenty of games would be dead if not for those servers.

They need those private servers in order to drive up interest, because people are going to end up playing them with their friends, or in huge tournaments in different settings.

When the market loses interest in a game, the general servers are going to end up coming down, but if you’ve got a private server, then that’s going to keep you alive.

You have freedom.

The game companies might not always like that you’ve got freedom on your own private server, but they acknowledge that some people are just going to be happier that way.

Setting your own rules is something that you can always do, and they can’t do anything about it. What happens on your own private server isn’t really their responsibility.

With all of this in mind, it’s very easy to see that a game company is going to give a huge thumb’s up to a ton of private servers out there. It certainly can only help them.

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