Managing Lag When Your Server Has Players Across the Globe

Gaming is a worldwide hobby. There’s no surprise that you’re going to end up finding more people around the world that are going to want to join up on your game.

It needs to work for them, though.

A lot of people that are in different countries are going to have issues with lag. That’s just how it is, unfortunately, but there are ways that you can really minimize this.

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Offshore game server hosting is a very viable way to do this, but you need to consider your user base first and foremost, and if it’s really going to end up working for everyone.

The way that you eliminate lag is always going to end up depending on the situation that you have in particular. There’s no real right and wrong way to do this.

Lag is a Total Pain, but You Can Really Make it Go Away if You’re Smart. Here’s How.

Your server is going to have people from other countries on it. That’s kind of how games work, and that’s why you’ve got to be careful about getting rid of some of that lag.

Lag can be an issue even just from the coast of one country to the next, and that’s why you’ve really got to make sure that your server is capable of eliminating it.

It’s not going to ever go away entirely, obviously. That’s why you’ve just got to be smart about how you do handle it, and how you actually handle your users’ complaints.

Geography matters.

When you’re looking for reliable game server hosting, geography is always going to end up playing a huge role. You need to make sure that you’re choosing wisely.

For example, if you’re located in the United States, but most of your users are going to be from China, then you are probably going to want to go for a host over in China.

This is something that’s going to really make a huge difference for you as an admin. While you personally might end up seeing more lag, your other users probably won’t.

Split the difference.

Another good tactic for handling lag between countries is to pick a company that’s actually situated somewhere between the two countries that are most common.

This can usually end up creating an equal amount of lag for all parties at the very least, which is usually the most common way of dealing with the issue in general. It does work.

This means that you’re going to be minimizing server lag, but you’re also going to be normalizing it. These two things together can really create a solid amount of harmony.

Some lag is inevitable.

With any gaming, lag is going to end up happening. That’s how it is, and that’s unfortunately something that you’re just going to have to end up dealing with as a general rule.

By minimizing it, however, you’re going to end up making your customer base that much happier, and you need to look at the issues going on with your server as well.

You might find yourself having to upgrade and tweak a few times in order to find what truly works best for you and for your user base that you’re catering to online.

You need to flex those muscles.


Basically, it’s going to be a lot of troubleshooting. You might find that the issue is actually pretty easily fixed by just adding a whole lot of more RAM, which might be pricey, but worth it.

If you’ve recently seen a spike in growth, this kind of a fix is going to end up being much more common than actually changing hosts entirely and moving to another one.

By troubleshooting in this manner and seeing what users are experiencing lag and how much of it they have, this can end up saving you a lot of money and fixing a lot of issues.

Check the settings.

Before you ever end up buying more space or moving, however, you do need to make sure that you’re actually checking those server settings to see what’s really going on.

By making sure that you’ve optimized your server and are running on settings that work for you and your specific game, you’re going to have a much easier time of it.

Your users will thank you for having this much attention to detail, and you’ll really be able to see what it takes to get your server started in a much more efficient fashion.

Have a few one-on-ones.

If you still have users that are struggling to find that perfect sweet spot that doesn’t have lag, then you might want to end up sitting down with them on a one-on-one.

This way, you can figure out what specifically is going on with their own computer settings, and see how their game is set up. You might find something on their end as well.

By taking the time to do this, you’re going to end up building not only a solid relationship, but a much better gaming server and environment as well. It’s worth it.

Don’t forget to always get into the details!

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