Tweaks and Strategies for Optimizing Your Game Server’s Performance

Performance issues during a heated game session are really not the way for you to close out your evening. You want to make sure that you never have any major issues.

You can tweak your server to prevent that.

If you want to minimize game server lag, there are definitely a number of ways to do that. It’s just up to you to make sure that you are on top of those issues to prevent them.

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Tweaking different aspects of your server is the way to go, obviously, and you want to make sure that you’re really on top of optimizing performance there to keep your server going well.

You’re responsible for that, obviously. You don’t have a general server to blame for it, and that means that you’re going to need to be the one that really stays on top.

With a Few Solid Tweaks, You’re Not Going to Need to Flail Your Way Through a Session. Here’s How.

Your personal servers are supposed to be at the top of their game. That’s why you went for them in the first place, after all, and that’s why you’ve got to make sure you keep them up.

By doing this, you’re going to end up insuring a much more satisfying time for you and your other users. You’re going to end up that much less stressed when using your site.

This is the upside to always trying to keep your servers up to date and with the right strategies to keep it running smoothly. It really will end up making a difference.

Minimize the games.

If you’re running a number of games at the same time on one server, it might be wise for you to close things out at least temporarily if you’ve got some heavy resources going.

This is because there’s only going to be so much RAM to go around. By using multiple games at once, you’re going to really end up taxing your server to the fullest.

Obviously, it’s unlikely that you’re going to end up playing all of those games at once, and in order to optimize game server performance, it’s best to just keep to one at a time.

Focus on the resource-hogging ones.

Some games are going to end up taking up way more resources than others. This means that if you’re playing one of those games, then focus only on that game for awhile.

This means, again, closing out of other games that are just plain taking up RAM whenever you’re using them. You just don’t need them running at the same time overall.

By doing this, you’re going to see a good amount of change in how your server runs. You’ll really be able to make better use of your server once you’ve got this down.

Watch out for consistent issues.

First of all, if you’ve had a few consistent issues over a period of a week or so, you need to already be on top of that, and have it noted before you ever even go to fix it.

You need to make sure that you are aware of the issues that continuously go on on your server. If they’re consistent for different people, then something is definitely going on.

You want to make sure that you’re actually tackling them effectively, too. If you aren’t, then this can end up being a reason that people don’t come back to use your site.

Scale things back.

With certain consistent issues, an important game server maintenance tip is to make sure that you’re actually scaling things back temporarily to identify the real issues.

If you happen to discover that the issues go away when you end up dropping a certain game from your server, then you are probably going to need to consider doing so permanently.

You could also figure out what it is about that particular game that’s just really not jiving with your server at all. This is a way to make sure that you can keep playing it.

Upgrade your RAM.

RAM Stick

If you’ve had a ton of issues keep reoccurring no matter what you’re doing, it’s probably a matter of RAM. This means that you’re going to end up needing to upgrade.

Perhaps you’ve had more users lately, or maybe you just really have had a ton of new mods installed. If that’s the case, then you’ve definitely got to start upgrading.

It’s not always fun to end up dumping more money on your server, but if you want to keep it optimized and running well, then you’re frankly just not going to have any other choice.

Keep an eye out.

Overall, it’s just very important for you to keep an eye out and make sure that your site is kept very firmly up to date. Without this, it’s going to be a real issue for you.

Your users won’t appreciate it, and you won’t either if you can’t get your server to perform at the level that you’ve always expected.

Keep on top of it!

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