When Is It Time to Upgrade? Get the Facts Before Laying Down the Cash

As your gaming needs grow, you’re probably going to see your personal server needs growth as well. That’s the name of the game…but you do need to know when the best time to upgrade is.

Do you spend that money?

Essential game server tech should always be the first thing on your mind. With the essentials, you can really end up going pretty far, but you sometimes need more than that.

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Focusing on the essentials first is a great way to really get your server up and running, but as time goes on, you’re probably going to find that you need more than that.

This is something that just happens. You’ll end up having more games, more people, and more things to do. The right time to upgrade, however, is more up in the air.

Determining the Right Time for an Upgrade Isn’t Always Easy, but We’ve Got You Covered. Read On.

You need to understand when the right time to spring for an upgrade is, and there’s honestly no real right answer. It’s all going to end up depending on your needs.

Your needs are something that really need to be constantly evaluated, first of all. Otherwise, you’re going to just go into your server search and end up buying everything.

That’s not only going to end up being murder on your wallet, but a game server upgrade of that particular degree isn’t going to really do you that many favors overall.

You can easily end up buying too much if you don’t end up evaluating what your real needs are, so keep this in mind and make sure that you’re always going in with a level head.

Watch server performance.

The performance of your server itself is the biggest indicator of if you need to upgrade. This is why it’s so important to really keep on top of what you’ve been doing.

If your server has been lagging more than usual lately, especially after the addition of another game or a few new users, that’s an indication that you need to upgrade.

By keeping an eye on this in particular, you’re going to quickly be able to evaluate how much of an upgrade you need as well. Your RAM is going to be very important.

Watch the signs.

The more time that you see your server bumping people off, making you run into new lag issues, and generally just struggling to deal with the server load…the more obvious it is that you need to upgrade.

When it comes to upgrading, RAM is the first thing that you’re going to absolutely need to look at, and this is extremely important if you’ve had an increase in users overall.

The more users that you have, the more that your site is going to need RAM. You need to at least have half a GB of RAM for every single person that is using your server.

Watch your provider, too.

Watching Provider Closely

While our server upgrade advice is very accurate, you also need to take into consideration that it might actually be your host that’s giving you all of these issues overall.

The real issues are going to end up showing up if you actually haven’t had a huge bump up in people or any different games put onto your server. That’s when it’s your host.

If your host has been having reliability issues or uptime problems, then it’s probably time to switch hosts, and worry about upgrading much later on down the line.

You don’t need any degrades.

If your server starts to slowly degrade in service, watch out for how your server is going to end up responding. You’ll probably end up seeing some intense lag in this case.

You don’t want to waste your time with a server that’s just going to end up making you feel like you’re always fighting with them. You need to make sure that you don’t have to do that.

Your server is supposed to be an oasis, and especially if you have customers, you are going to need to make sure that you consistently stay on top of quality service.

Don’t mess around.

The more time that you spend looking out for any issues that your server might have, the better. It’s extremely important for you to have reliable service in every way.

Whether or not an upgrade is necessary, this is true. Always keep records and notes about your performance, and you will end up having a much smoother ride overall.

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