Why Girl Gamers Are Important To Your Traffic Stats

Most men who talk about video games think that “girl gamers” are a subset of people to be laughed at. After all, women have no place playing video games, right? This is a man’s hobby and they should busy themselves with womanly things like knitting or feeding a baby somewhere. You may not hold this viewpoint yourself but there are plenty of men in the gaming community that do. Women and girls are often not accepted due to a lot of misogyny and rambunctious men taking over every space of the gaming world. In the chance that you do think that this is fine and that women shouldn’t be involved in discussions of gaming then the only thing you’re really doing is hurting your web traffic. There’s More Of Them Than You Think When it comes to female gamers and their community size you may not really notice how many of them there actually are. There will always be a larger population of male gamers but that does not make the female subset any less present than the male demographic. Because of this it’s important to note that while they are a minority, female gamers can be very important when it comes to getting your blog or website or any…

Three Things to Consider When Choosing Your Server

Find a dedicated server isn’t difficult, since a good Googling can give you dozens of servers to choose from right from the bat. That’s also why deciding which server to use can be difficult for a first time server hoster. With games moving increasingly into online and mobile spaces, servers play a critical roles in the business models of the industry, and in the experience of game play. So here’s a short list of what to look for in your quest for great multiplayer gameplay. 1) Reliability Good, reliable hosting means max uptime. Corrupted data means losing important items and ranks, and can tank attraction to the game. Downtime therefore means loss of revenues, so it’s in everyone’s interest for the hosts to be as reliable as possible. Dedicated servers have guaranteed performance with multi-CPU and multi-thread capabilities. Good host providers will also have some stunning hardware to keep from physical breakdowns, as well as a good stock of spare parts at the ready. Online play also means activity at all hours of the day, so your provider should have 24/7 support and monitoring to make sure that your server works smoothly even when all of your group members are asleep. Even if you’ve covered all your bases, always have…

How to Spot and Avoid Hidden Fees in Hosting Sites

Setting up a server, no matter what you’re going to be using it for, is going to cost you money. However, just how much money it’s going to cost you isn’t set in stone. Obviously, if you sign up with a hosting provider with high start up costs you’re going to be paying more than you would with a provider that’s a little cheaper. This isn’t to say that a cheaper provider is going to be the affordable solution in the long run, though. As with many other kinds of services, hosting providers often house hidden fees in the packages they offer you, which means you might end up paying way more than you’d expected. If you’d like to sign up for a hosting package without having to drain your wallet dry, you need to learn how to be able to both spot hidden fees and take steps to avoid them. Read the Fine Print You should really be doing this anytime you’re handing over your credit card info, so signing up with a hosting provider is really no exception. Make sure when you choose a package from a provider that you’re reading EVERYTHING. Yeah, it’ll take you a little extra time, but if it could save you a little…

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