Why You Should Be Writing About New Gaming Releases

Gaming certainly isn’t the hobby it used to be. It’s much more mainstream than it was a decade or two ago, and that means that your gaming blog is likely to have a lot of competition. Most of the time when you’re a new blog competing in a popular niche you want to make sure you cover something that isn’t already being covered by all the popular blogs. It’s hard to understand why you should be covering something that Kotaku already has covered, after all, especially when you don’t have anything near the same number of readers. But believe it or not, video game blogging is one of the few instances in which you’re going to want to go with the flow. If you need additional convincing, here are a couple of key points to drive the fact home. When In Rome The lead blogs are reporting on these titles because they’re worth reporting on, and it could do your blog good to follow suit. After all, these blogs didn’t become popular by writing content that no one’s interested in reading. In fact, following some lead blogs in the industry is a great way to get your blogging career started in the first place. Look at the angles they cover,…

How to Be Successful as a Game Critic

It’s important to know how to run a good critique if you are going to blog about gaming. It is a pretty much a fact that there will be games that you won’t like, and even if you like a game, there is no harm with discussing what could be improved. There are a few things that are really important to keep in mind when you critique a game, and most of them involve stating your opinion without alienating your readers or viewers. Here are a few things to watch out for as you move into critiquing the games that you play. Talk About the Flaws You are a critic, and it’s your job to point out those flaws. You should take anything that you see that is wrong with the game and mention it in a review. If the graphics were shoddy in some places then tell people about it, even if everything else was great about the game. Go through a checklist to see what could be improved in the game, because there is always room for improvement. Plot, graphics, gameplay, social connection, and any features of the game are all categories that should be covered in a good critique. Don’t forget anything, and always be thorough in…

Handling Haters: How to Deal When Your Review is Bashed

The downside to making your opinions on video games known in a public forum is that they’re now available for all to see, and not everyone is going to agree with what you had to say. While it’s important to be honest in your reviews, it’s just as important to be aware of the fact that your honesty may come with some backlash. This is especially true if the game you’re writing about is both a hot topic and has a loyal following. You should never apologize for your opinions or feel like you need to take back what you’ve written just because it wasn’t well received, but it can also be difficult not to take such criticisms personally. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some tips that will hopefully help you handle the situation with a professional grace. Take a Break First things first, take a step back and a deep breath. It’s a bad idea to respond as soon as you read the criticism as your response, if any, may be more reactionary than you’d like it to be. Take some time to clear your head and try not to hyper focus on the negative feedback. If possible, sleep on it. This often issued…

Game Types that are Overdone

When looking for a game to host, it might seem like all of them look the same. That’s because, unfortunately, they do. There are certain types of games that have just been done to death, and won’t hold a player’s attention for long at all. Look outside these if you want to create a unique experience. Flash Games Once upon a time, Flash ruled the net. It’s incorporation into YouTube, and availability to creators, means that it was a must-have installation on any computer. Times and technology have changed, though, and since Flash’s incompatibility with iPads means that developers are looking elsewhere. HTML5 has come to replace it for video, but there is no singular answer for games. Match Three Bejeweled became a classic. The simple gameplay of switching gems to make three matching ones that disappear is simple but addictive, with a relatively easy learning curve. Candy Crush, for mobile devices was able to put its own spin on it, adding a variety of power ups and special tiles, changing the board size to force players to change their strategies. Both are done really well, but very many people have tried to copy them. The basic game has been done and redone countless times, and Candy Crush has inspired…

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