Why Girl Gamers Are Important To Your Traffic Stats

Most men who talk about video games think that “girl gamers” are a subset of people to be laughed at. After all, women have no place playing video games, right? This is a man’s hobby and they should busy themselves with womanly things like knitting or feeding a baby somewhere. You may not hold this viewpoint yourself but there are plenty of men in the gaming community that do. Women and girls are often not accepted due to a lot of misogyny and rambunctious men taking over every space of the gaming world. In the chance that you do think that this is fine and that women shouldn’t be involved in discussions of gaming then the only thing you’re really doing is hurting your web traffic. There’s More Of Them Than You Think When it comes to female gamers and their community size you may not really notice how many of them there actually are. There will always be a larger population of male gamers but that does not make the female subset any less present than the male demographic. Because of this it’s important to note that while they are a minority, female gamers can be very important when it comes to getting your blog or website or any…

Matching the Blogging Type to the Game

So you’ve got some games that you’re just dying to share, enough so that you’ve decided to start up a gaming blog. But, which medium to go with? Different games are suited to different blog types, and picking the right type can make sure that you and your visitors enjoy the game in the best way possible. Screenshots Screenshot heavy blog posts are great for really text heavy games. Players don’t want to be stuck reading things off a video, where they have no control over the size of the text, and no warning for when it will advance. Therefore, including screenshots or transcribing the text can make sure your readers can follow along without you needing to read every single word aloud. Such things can get tiring, and make it harder for you to inject your own character into the playthrough. Text-based posts also let you better structure the presentation of the presentation of the game. Some people choose to blog as though it were the main character, allowing the otherwise silent protagonist share his own thoughts, with occasional interjection from the author. Some games do well with extensive asides detailing various in-jokes or cultural references a casual player might miss. Having the freedom to tweak the presentation can…

How to Be Successful as a Game Critic

It’s important to know how to run a good critique if you are going to blog about gaming. It is a pretty much a fact that there will be games that you won’t like, and even if you like a game, there is no harm with discussing what could be improved. There are a few things that are really important to keep in mind when you critique a game, and most of them involve stating your opinion without alienating your readers or viewers. Here are a few things to watch out for as you move into critiquing the games that you play. Talk About the Flaws You are a critic, and it’s your job to point out those flaws. You should take anything that you see that is wrong with the game and mention it in a review. If the graphics were shoddy in some places then tell people about it, even if everything else was great about the game. Go through a checklist to see what could be improved in the game, because there is always room for improvement. Plot, graphics, gameplay, social connection, and any features of the game are all categories that should be covered in a good critique. Don’t forget anything, and always be thorough in…

Do You Have What it Takes to Run a Video Game Blog?

Running a video game blog takes more than just a love of video games. Once you dedicate yourself to presenting a reliable stream of relevant information to your audience, you’ve made a commitment to continue to do so for as long as you keep your blog active. The fastest way to kill off your readership is to drop the ball and let your blog fade into oblivion, something that happens far too often. You need specific skills to be able to maintain a successful video game blog, and here you’ll find a few of the bare bones basic ones that will be required of you to keep your gaming blog up and running. Writing Discipline If you can’t make yourself write on a regular basis, your blog isn’t going to last long. Maintaining a blog is more than just writing whenever you feel like it; you need to commit from the onset to writing a certain number of posts and reasonable intervals, at least once a week. If that seems cumbersome to you now it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. Try writing up sample blog posts before you launch to see how easy it is for you to keep up with. That way you already have…

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